Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education 

The social and emotional development of pupils is embedded throughout the entire school’s curriculum and culture, aiming to empower students for confident, healthy, and independent lives, fostering a sense of responsibility and active contribution to the community. 

Our PSHE education, including Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), establishes a structured framework for developing essential skills and knowledge.  Our comprehensive approach focuses on instilling positive behaviour, enhancing mental wellbeing, nurturing resilience, and equipping children to challenge extreme views and to navigate the online world safely. We prioritise the development of healthy relationships, media literacy, and having the skills and attributes to negotiate and assert themselves now and in the future. 

We recognise the proven link between pupils' wellbeing and academic progress emphasising the crucial role of Personal, Social, Health, and Economic education in shaping effective learners. To promote self-reflection, students are encouraged to maintain reflective journals, contemplating their highlights, challenges, and achievements.