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Media Studies

As a challenging contemporary subject, Media Studies at Lingfield explores students’ prior understanding of the Media and encourages them to discover the systems of messages and values within the media texts that they consume on a daily basis.

In our three refurbished media suites, students can combine the study of challenging academic theory with innovative, practical and creative skills. Alongside its excellent academic achievement, a strength of the Department is the way in which it harnesses and evolves the creativity within all of our students, which opens doors to a world of exciting new opportunities and careers. Through production work students develop their skills in a variety of areas, namely organisation, self-discipline and teamwork which are clearly essential in the modern world to succeed in further education and any chosen profession.

Courses offered

GCSE Media Studies

Alongside the theoretical exploration of the media, students also develop their digital production skills and learn how to design, produce and edit a media product intended for a specific target audience.

What will I learn?

  • Photoshop
  • Premiere Pro
  • Graphic Design
  • Website production
  • Textual analysis of media texts
  • An institutional understanding of how media businesses work
  • Understanding the impact of representation in the media

A Level Media Studies

This course is designed to foster students’ creative skills and develop their critical thinking. It is open to anyone genuinely interested in the methods used in the construction of Media texts on both a theoretical and applied level. 

Alongside the theoretical studies, students are taught to use industry-standard software through their production work and encouraged to produce practical work throughout the year to be entered into national film competitions. Through production work, students develop their skills in a variety of areas, namely organisation, self-discipline and teamwork which are clearly essential in the modern world to succeed in further education and all careers.

The course is structured into two exam papers and one coursework unit.

BTEC Creative Digital Media Production 

This qualification is designed to provide a technical introduction to digital film and video production. Learners develop skills in areas such as single and multi-camera techniques, sound recording and film editing.

The two-year course will involve a combination of assessment styles with a range of vocation assignments and tasks. Students will experience a 'hands on' approach to developing their own media production skills through access to advanced digital media technologies.

The BTEC course carries the same UCAS points as an A Level and supports students in applications to higher education courses, as well as those wishing to pursue careers within the Media industry beyond their studies. The course is particularly suited to students who are creative and innovative, enjoy working collaboratively with others and embrace the world of digital technologies.

During the two-year course students complete five units consisting of four production tasks and one exam assignment responding to a brief.


At Film Production Club students have the opportunity to plan, shoot and edit their own films. These can be anything from short films to music videos to stop-motion animations. Students are encouraged to transfer the skills they learn in the class to other areas of their study and life. Indeed, learning quite frequently takes place outside the classroom with various location shoots; the most exciting being a Media Studies trip to New York to participate in a film school workshop run by professionals in the city.


Janine Halket
Head of Media Studies

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