Inspiring Exciting Futures

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Inspiring Exciting Futures

At Lingfield, we believe the definitive measure of a school is in its success in preparing pupils to take a positive and contributing role in society. Every child can be inspired and empowered to be the best and the happiest they can be. As a school, we are ambitious for and with every pupil, devoting our resources to provide an outstanding education that opens up a world of possibilities, inspires a love of learning and develops the skills and characteristics needed to become future leaders. 

Pupils that leave Lingfield at the end of their school career are academically ambitious, well-rounded individuals with the strength of character, humility and social mindset to make their mark in the world. 

Our Vision

Together we can inspire and enable every child to truly flourish socially, academically and creatively to fulfil their aspirations and to lead exciting and meaningful lives.

Our Aims

  • To be a safe and trusted foundation for our pupils to achieve their individual academic, social and creative potential.
  • To cultivate the skills, knowledge, self-awareness and academic credentials our pupils will need to confidently meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. 
  • To instil and nurture a strong sense of social responsibility, moral justice and environmental awareness so our pupils can positively contribute to a sustainable and just society.
  • To guide each child in the discovery, delight and development of their unique gifts, talents and character.
  • To create and sustain an inclusive and contemporary school culture, where diversity, difference and individuality are recognised and celebrated. 
  • To prioritise physical and emotional wellbeing across every facet of our school community. 

We commit to fulfilling these aims through the delivery of:

  • A well-rounded and holistic education in stimulating and vibrant learning environments.
  • An innovative, relevant and forward-looking academic curriculum.
  • An integrated, adaptive and highly personalised system of pastoral care.
  • A connected and collaborative community.
  • A rich and diverse programme of co-curricular activities.
  • The recruitment, development and retention of outstanding teaching and support staff.
  • The continued investment in and maintenance of our impressive buildings and facilities.
  • The proactive expansion of our community initiatives, partnerships and public engagement programmes.
  • The continual improvement of our environmental performance.