Moving up to Senior School

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Moving up to Senior School

Specific preparation for moving up to the Senior School takes place in Years 5 and 6, although arguably the transition process begins from the moment your child joins our School. This transition is a milestone moment for any child and ensuring they are prepared and excited is an essential part of our role.

We organise a fun mix of events specifically designed to ease this transition, including: 

  • Experience Days
  • Taster Lessons
  • Lunch at Senior School
  • Senior School pupils mentoring pupils in Prep

As an all-through school, most of our pupils naturally make this transition as part of their journey with us. The proximity of the two schools ensures it’s a relatively easy one. Pupils will have already had many opportunities to visit the Senior School to use their facilities, and they will know it well. 

Joining Senior School

Our pupils are not required to sit an entrance exam which removes any academic performance-related stress and paves the way for a positive experience for which they are entirely ready. They have the comfort of being familiar with the environment and the staff team, but the excitement of a change of scenery and a new level of independence and learning.

The advantages of Lingfield being an all-through school made the transition for our child a very smooth and positive process.


I am excited about going to Senior School because my other brother is there, and I get to learn new subjects like Computer Science and I know I am going to really love it.