Our Staff & Governors

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Our staff are hard-working and caring professionals with a high level of expertise. They support our aim to provide an educational experience of the highest quality and are dedicated to getting the very best out of every pupil. 


  • Richard Bool

  • Jacky Shackel

    Head of Prep
  • Alison Folkard

    Deputy Head, Head of Sixth Form
  • Craig Fast

    Deputy Head (Academic)
  • Emma Parsons

    Deputy Head (Pastoral)
  • Steve Casey

    Assistant Head, Director of Sport & Co-Curricular
  • Stuart Hofmann

    Assistant Head (Academic)  and Teacher of Mathematics
  • Christina Hubbard

    Director of Studies (Prep), Head of Senior School Scholars
  • Mrs Lewis

    Head of Art
  • Miss Foolheea

    Head of Photography
  • Tiffany Vickery

    Nursery Manager
  • Jen Bowler

    Head of Early Years, Academic
  • Karen Ovington

    Nursery Room Leader, Deputy Nursery Manager
  • Hollie Rainbow

    Nursery Room Teacher
  • Emily Haybittle

    Early Years Deputy Lead Practitioner
  • Josie Whitman

    Early Years Deputy Lead Practitioner
  • Sophie Gardiner

    Nursery Room Leader
  • Natalie Shenton

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Jackie Saunders

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Ginny Boswell

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Anneliese Quartarone

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Andrew Davis

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Angela Brassett

    Head of Finance & Resources
  • Caroline Wren

    Head of External Relations
  • Ashley Taylor

    Head of Estates and Facilities
  • Cathryn Marsden

    HR Manager
  • Rob Kempson

    Head of Prep Sport
  • Lorraine Hiscock

    PE Teacher (Prep)
  • Candice Daugherty

    Reception Teacher, Healthy Schools Lead
  • Rebecca Wilkes

    Teaching Assistant
  • Kirsty Lester

    Year 1 Teacher, KS1 Leader & History Lead
  • Gemma Coomber

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Alison de Villiers

    Year 2 Teacher, Science Lead & Joint Eco Lead
  • Daisy Nicholson

    Year 2 Teacher, Holiday Club Leader
  • Louise Leppard

    Year 2 Teacher, Joint Charity Coordinator, ELSA Support
  • Linda Hinkins

    Year 2 & 3 Teaching Assistant
  • Daniella Brice

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant
  • Katie Edwards

    Year 3 Teacher
  • Jenny Rees

    Year 3 Teacher, RE & Geography Lead
  • Deborah Moore

    Year 3 Teacher, Assessments & Joint PSHE Lead
  • Kate Eakins

    Year 3 Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club Manager & Joint Charity Co-ordinator
  • Sharon Mackay

    Year 3 Teaching Assistant
  • Tracey Barrie

    Year 4 Teacher, LKS2 Lead
  • Laura Johnstone

    Year 4 Teacher
  • Clare Samouel

    Year 4 Teacher
  • Zoe Moullin

    Year 4 Teaching Assistant
  • Karen George

    Teaching Assistant, Sports Coach & Midday Supervisor
  • Jo Ledlie

    Year 4 Teaching Assistant
  • Jo Armstrong

    Admissions Registrar
  • Clare Whitlock

    Marketing Manager
  • Pip Tuppen

    School Counsellor
  • Peter Samuels

    Chair of Trustees & Governors
  • Steve Bell

  • Nic Calvey

  • Amira Cooper

    Governor - Nominated Safeguarding
  • Phil Dodridge

  • Samantha Douglas

    Governor - Nominated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Martin McCann

  • Janet Mills

  • David Sansom

  • Emma Salih

    School Counsellor
  • Holly White

    Assistant SENDCo
  • Tara Unwin

    PA to the Headmaster
  • Rosie Cavedaschi

    Office Support Assistant/Food Technology Administrator
  • Aimee Grippman

    Office Support Assistant/Food Technology Administrator
  • Nicola Cottrell

    Music Administrator
  • Lisa Arnold

    HR Officer
  • Kate Payton

    HR Officer
  • Shelley Fallows

    Librarian and Learning Manager
  • Beth Boot

    Admissions Officer
  • Sarah Gooch

    Deputy Registrar
  • Jenny Kinsella

    Admissions Assistant
  • Audrey Lewis

    Examinations Officer
  • Kerry Greenbrook

    Personal Assistant
  • Liz Chatfield

    Prep School Administrator, Lunchtime Team Leader
  • Heloise Dennehy

    Prep Office Administrator
  • Vicki Herriott

    Prep School Office Manager
  • Kate Rider

    PA to the Head of Prep School
  • Evans Ogbechie

    ISAMS Co-Ordinator
  • Vicky Jepson

    Senior School Administrator
  • Susan Roe

    Medical Officer
  • Rachel Russell

    Senior School Office Manager
  • Siobhan D'Arcy

    Fee Billing Assistant
  • Jodie O’Connor

    Finance Assistant
  • Anna Parfitt

    Finance Officer & Finance Projects Lead
  • Sue Trimm

    Payroll & Accounts Officer
  • Kate Marler

    Senior Science Technician
  • Gary Spring

    Laboratory Technician
  • Brian Waldie

    Laboratory Technician
  • Maxine Cornish

    Facilities Assistant
  • Jenna Wells

    Health & Safety Officer
  • Head Student Team

  • Sally Griffiths

    Art & Photography Teacher, Deputy Head of Sixth Form
  • Ben Allen-Monk

    Head of Computer Science, Director of IT Infrastructure
  • Daniel Danso

    Computer Science Teacher
  • Josh McEwan

    Director of Drama
  • Sophie Pepler

    Drama Teacher
  • Joss Bolton

    Head of Economics & Business
  • Diana Evans

    Economics & Business Teacher
  • Amy Greetham

    Head of Geography
  • Jade Brooke

    Geography Teacher
  • Philip Stanton

    Geography Teacher, Head of Year
  • Vicky Baker

    Head of Psychology
  • Suzanne Lewis

    Sports and Co-curricular Activities Secretary
  • Joe Bullen

    Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Matt Hammond

    PE Coach (Prep and Senior)
  • Toby Hill

    PE Coach, Head of Girls' Football
  • Sam Knight

    Head of Hockey
  • Thierry Messi

    Football Coach
  • Gregory Thew

    Head of Cricket
  • Sophie Jones

    Art Technician
  • Mike Maranzano

    Head of Mathematics
  • Lisa Billin

    Maths Teacher
  • Charlotte Bradford

    Mathematics Teacher, Head of Year
  • Rachel Brookes

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Angela Brown

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Matthew Drayson

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Vickie Walker

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Jasmine Woolven

    Mathematics Teacher
  • Andrew Turner

    Year 5 Teacher
  • Lydia Cooper

    Year 5 Teacher, English Coordinator
  • Gemma Collingwood

    Year 5 Teaching Assistant
  • Kalya Cook

    Year 5 & 6 Teaching Assistant
  • Philippa Pearce

    Year 6 Teacher, ELSA & Mental Health Lead
  • Kimmy Berry

    Year 6 teacher, Art & DT Coordinator, Head of Digital learning
  • Sophie Brack

    Director of Music
  • Anita Fan

    Assistant Director of Music, Deputy Head of Year 7
  • James Langford

    Music Teacher
  • Stefan Hagan

    Business & Economics Teacher , Director of Digital Learning
  • Felicity Logan

    Business & Economics Teacher, Vocational Learning Lead
  • Ashleigh Halling-Brown

    Head of English, Model United Nations Director
  • Sophie Atherton

    English Teacher
  • Elaine Bowling

    English Teacher, Deputy Head of Sixth Form
  • Sarah Hammond

    English Teacher
  • Andrew Loveday

    English Teacher
  • Karen Ridley

    English/PSHE Teacher, Form Time Co-ordinator
  • Sam Wolstenholme

    English Teacher
  • Georgia Banham

    Marketing and Communications Executive
  • Louis Jose

    Media Creative Assistant
  • Hilary Nuth

    Marketing Officer
  • Martin Aiken

    Estates Team
  • Scott Barnes

    Estates Team
  • Helen Roe

    Year 6 Teacher, UKS2 Lead, Computing Lead & Joint PSHE Lead
  • Caroline Wynn

    Year 6 Teaching Assistant
  • Liz Wiltshire

    Year 5/6 Maths Teacher, Maths Co-ordinator
  • Frankie Marking

    Year 5/6 Teacher
  • Sophie Milne

    Prep MFL Teacher
  • Naomi Aves

    Head of Prep Music
  • Jacquie Redfern

    Head of Prep Drama
  • Paula Dickinson

  • Ken Bryant

    Estates Team
  • Paul Hall

    Estates Team
  • Rachel Adkin

    PA to Head of Sixth Form
  • Corinne Amos

    Learning Support Assistant
  • Rebecca Bramley

    Sixth Form Study Supervisor
  • Maggie Mortleman

    Careers Advisor
  • Jackie Steer

    Sixth Form Study Supervisor
  • Sharon Walton

    Sixth Form Welfare Officer, Deputy Designated Safe Guarding Lead
  • Debbie Rice

    Prep Learning Support Tutor
  • Fiona Donald

    Learning Support Tutor
  • Simon Morris

    Music Teacher
  • Lynne Baker

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Selina Connelly

    Lunchtime Supervisor
  • Catherine Radford

    Reception Teacher
  • Joanne Banks

    Cover Teaching Assistant & Art Co-ordinator
  • Penny James

    Food & Nutrition Teacher
  • Suzanne Allen-Monk

    Head of History, UCAS Co-ordinator
  • Angelo Constantinou

    History Teacher
  • Alicia Groves

    History Teacher
  • Janine Halket

    Head of Media
  • Lee Musson

    Media Studies Teacher
  • Graham Panton

    Media Studies Teacher, Media Vocational Lead
  • Laura Canova

    Librarian, TeaRex Manager
  • Christelle Fournes

    Head of MFL, Head of French
  • Yan Gonachon

    French Teacher, Head of Year
  • Dianne Atchison

    Head of German
  • Ana Carballo-Varela

    Head of Spanish
  • Emilie Gregory

    MFL Teacher
  • Iona Jenkins

    MFL Teacher
  • Joseph McKillop

    MFL Teacher
  • Alison van der Merwe

    MFL Teacher
  • Aimee

    Head Student
  • Arthur

    Head Student
  • Claudia

    Deputy Head Student
  • Liam

    Deputy Head Student
  • Amy Tait

    Governor - Nominated EYFS
  • Rebecca Ericsson

    PA to the Deputy Heads
  • Prep Head Student Team

  • Lisa Barnes

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Alahna Doone

    Early years Practitioner
  • Lauren Middleton

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Georgia Cottrell-Pinch

    Early Years Practitioner
  • Tina Hawkes

    After School Club, Nursery Lead
  • Clare Wilson

    Early Years Administrator
  • Ella McNeil

    Midday Supervisor
  • Linda Djelid

    Midday Supervisor
  • Kate Ratsma

    Early Years Administrator
  • Alexander Gaunt

    Head of Philosophy & Religion, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead
  • Roger Hart

    Philosophy & Religion Teacher, Head of Year 7
  • Georgina Slater

    Philosophy & Religion Teacher
  • Jonathan Grant

    Head of Science
  • Peter Clingen

    Science Teacher
  • Lisa Cooper

    Biology Teacher, Head of Year
  • Christopher May-Miller

    Physics Teacher
  • Michelle Evans

    Chemistry Teacher
  • Ibrahim Kimuli

    Chemistry Teacher
  • Joe Hawley

    Head of Physics
  • Daniela Pricopie

    Physics Teacher
  • Dudo Rae

    Chemistry Teacher
  • Jennifer Snook

    Science Teacher
  • Sue Sevier

  • Hannah Redfern

    Pastoral Support Officer
  • Nigel Harrison

    Head of Boys Games & Alumni
  • Maddie Thompson

    Head of Girls' Games
  • Philip Douse

    Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Head of Academic PE
  • Caroline Petty

    PE Teacher, VL Lead PE
  • Anna Billing

    PE Teacher
  • Joe Hofmann

    IT Technician
  • Aliya Harvey