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As a School community, we are proud of our Lingfield uniform and pupils are expected to smartly and positively represent the School when they wear it.  Once students reach the Sixth Form, they are given more independence to choose what they wear, but there are still guidelines that ensure they look smart. 

We would like to draw parents’ attention to the following points regarding uniforms: 

  • Uniform is non-gendered; pupils can choose skirts and/or trousers
  • The uniform requirements, including those for shoes, must be rigorously adhered to 
  • All items of uniform, including shoes, are compulsory unless stated otherwise 
  • Every article must be clearly marked with the pupil’s name

Prep School Dress Code

A smart appearance is expected at all times whilst representing the school. We are proud of our uniform and when worn, we expect our pupils to promote the school in a positive manner.

  • Ties must be worn neatly. Shirts must be tucked in with top buttons done up.
  • Shoes should be flat, i.e. not high-heeled or excessively platformed.
  • White ankle socks should be worn with the summer dress and navy plain tights worn with the kilt.
  • Hair should be worn in a neat and manageable style. No hair dye is permitted, and hair gel is permitted only to keep hair tidy, not for elaborate hairstyles. Shoulder-length or longer hair must be tied back, and short hair must not touch the collar or fall below the eyebrows. No extreme hairstyles are permitted.
  • A named wristwatch may be worn from Year 3 upwards. Those with pierced ears may wear stud sleepers only. These must be removed during P.E. and this is required for health and safety reasons.
  • Skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee.
  • Nail varnish and makeup are not permitted.
  • Blazers must be worn to and from school and for assembly.

Senior School Student Dress Code

A smart appearance is expected at all times whilst representing the school. We are proud of our uniform and when worn, we expect our pupils to promote the school in a positive manner.

Blazers: Blazers must be worn for registration, assemblies and whenever students are moving around the School. They may be removed during lessons only with permission from staff. Hoodies should not be worn under blazers around School

Shirt/Blouses: Shirts must be tucked in, and top buttons should be done up. Blouses must not hang below jumpers/blazers

Trousers: Trousers must be of an appropriate length (the hem must rest on the surface of the shoe).

Skirts: Skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Students must not roll the waistband of their skirt. Skirts must not be shortened or altered in any way

Ties: Ties are compulsory if wearing a grey shirt. Ties should be worn neatly

Socks/Tights: Black/nude tights should be worn with the skirt uniform. During the Summer term, plain white ankle socks are allowed. Black or grey socks should be worn with school trousers and shorts. Other ‘coloured’ or branded socks are not permitted

Coats: Outdoor coats should be plain in colour with no large logos. Coats should be suitable for school and offer protection from the weather, therefore denim and leather are not appropriate. Coats should not be worn inside the building and students should place them in lockers. ‘Hoodies’ are not appropriate to wear to and from school

Shoes: All students should wear plain black leather style shoes that can be polished. Black trainers such as Nike Air Force, Vans or Converse are not permitted. Shoes should be flat, high heels are not permitted.

Hair: Hair should be worn in a neat, clean and manageable style at all times.

  • Hair colouring is permitted provided that the effect is natural.
  • Shoulder-length or long hair must be tied back in Years 7 - 9.
  • Students in Years 10 – 11 and Sixth Form may wear their hair down, but it must look tidy and be tied back for certain activities, such as Science experiments or PE lessons.
  • No extreme hairstyles are permitted, and hair should not fall over the eyes

Make-up and Jewellery: Nail varnish, acrylic nails and make-up are not permitted for students in Years 7-11. No jewellery is permitted (i.e. rings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces) for students in Years 7-11, with the exception of one stud earring per ear lobe. Ear cartilage piercings are not allowed. These earrings should be taped over for P.E. for health and safety reasons. 

School Bag: Back-pack styles are recommended.

Other: Visible tattoos or facial / body piercings are not allowed. Students should be clean-shaven at all times

Sports Kit

  • Correct kit must be worn at all times. 
  • If students are in normal lessons wearing PE kit they must ensure that their legs are covered by wearing school tracksuit bottoms or plain black skins.
  • During extremely hot weather they will not have to cover their legs, they will be notified of this change by their tutor.
  • School track pants only. Branded track pants are not allowed. 

Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code guidelines for 2022 follow the gender-neutral uniform policy implemented in the Senior school. The Sixth Form dress code is smart business dress.

  • Suit: All students are required to wear a smart suit with a shirt and tie, a skirt suit, a dress suit or a trouser suit. Dresses or skirts must be of an appropriate length. Short stretchy skirts are not acceptable. Jackets are compulsory and must be worn.
  • Shirt/Top: An appropriately styled shirt or top. No cropped or overly casual tops.
  • Jumper: These must be dark in colour, round or v neck.
  • Tights: Must be dark or neutral.
  • Shoes: Style of own choice but with ‘sensible heels’ (No trainers or plimsoles). School buildings and grounds are not suitable for high heels.
  • Outer Coat/Jacket: Smart
  • Games: Students are expected to wear Lingfield Sports Kit for both Tuesday afternoon games and fixtures. For ‘off-site’ activities in games, guidance will be given.
  • Jewellery and Hair: Jewellery should be discreet and appropriate for a business environment. Hair should be neat and tidy. Clean-shaven. Earrings: single stud in each earlobe. No body piercings or tattoos should be visible.

Should there be any query regarding what is acceptable, students should check with the Head of Sixth Form.

Where to buy Uniform? 



Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 9.00am - 5.30pm

64 Calverley Road
Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN1 2UG

Tel: 01892 837202


"Simmonds are delighted to be the uniform stockist for Lingfield College. We are proud to be serving our community by supplying 50,000 school uniforms a year and dressing pupils from over 90 schools. We pride ourselves on providing quality clothing, offering great value for money, and delivering impeccable service every time across our store, school shops and online."

Lingfield College uniform is available at Simmonds’ flagship store in Tunbridge Wells. Their well-trained staff are ready to help fit your child’s uniform and answer any questions you may have. On their website, you will find videos and garment information. They helpfully offer quick order turnarounds and free delivery.

If you have any queries about uniforms or the School’s outfitters, please contact Simmonds directly.

Preloved Uniform Shop

Our preloved uniform shop operates from the conservatory at Batnors House at the Prep School. It is open to Nursery, Prep and Senior School parents on Monday afternoons between 15.15 and 16.15. Please park in the visitors' car park which can be found immediately on your left when entering the Prep School site.

Pay & Drop System

Please email shop@lingfieldcollege.co.uk to request the items you require along with the size/ages. A member of the team will source the uniform, send you a payment link and deliver your order to the Prep or Senior School office to be collected for a specific date.

Lost property

We handle a huge amount of misplaced school uniforms, sports kits and personal items. Labelled items are returned to their owners via form groups. We strongly encourage you to clearly mark all your child’s uniform and belongings, so we can get them back to you.