Students studying A Levels have the opportunity to complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This is a highly regarded academic qualification that carries UCAS points equivalent to half an A Level, for which students undertake an in depth research-based project under the guidance of a member of staff acting as their mentor or supervisor.


EPQs help to develop independent thinking and learning skills which are particularly beneficial for studying at university and accessing future careers. Students will learn to plan, organise, research, strategise, analyse data, make decisions, resolve problems, evaluate information and develop their presentations skills.

The EPQ has four parts. Firstly, students attend a 30-hour taught course, which covers the skills necessary to conduct an independent investigation or research project. Students then produce a ‘log’ which charts the origins, progress and setbacks of their investigation, and reflects, critically, upon what they have achieved over the course of completing the EPQ. There is also a ‘product’ which usually takes the form of a 5,000-word essay, but it can also be an event which is managed by the student, or an artefact created by the student. Finally, students deliver a ten-minute presentation on their work to a live audience.

Previous projects have included:

  • What material and design challenges stand in the way of the creation of an elevator to the moon?
  • Can you keep yourself safe using body language?
  • To what extent will ethical issues render head transplants unfeasible?
  • Does bilingualism have a positive impact on educational development?

Lingfield Sixth Form celebrates EPQ results

Lingfield Sixth Form celebrates EPQ results Top marks for Callum and Boe

EPQ Presentation Day for year 12

EPQ Presentation Day for year 12 New for 2022, EPQ students show their work to parents and staff at a presentation day