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In lively, engaging lessons all three disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught under the umbrella of Science. Children begin to understand how scientific principles can be applied to predict how things will behave and to analyse causes.

Investigation based Curriculum

The philosophy of teaching Science at Lingfield is hands-on learning coupled with debate and discussion about the theories under investigation. The curriculum allows scope for experiments, demonstrations and projects. Children also learn how major scientific theories contribute to technological change, impacting on industry, business and medicine, and improving quality of life on a global scale. 

How we investigate in KS1

Pupils participate in group work visiting three different habitats around the school to classify by collecting, identifying and photographing objects that have never lived. 

Exploring different habitats such as the Prep pond and garden to identify what plants and animals live there. Pupils make a detailed observation of the flora and fauna they find and are challenged to record the number of each species using a tally chart.

Year 2 Pond Dipping



After studying the skeleton and finding the correct labels for each part, pupils are encouraged to build their own skeletons.

Pupils use online games to understand the five senses identifying which part of the body is associated with each sense. 

How we investigate in KS2

Science lessons for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are predominantly taught in our purpose-built laboratory and classes from other year groups are welcome to make use of these facilities. 

Our outdoor spaces (the pond, Forest School, orchard and wild flower bank) provide an excellent opportunity for children to monitor changes in habitat and observe living things over a sustained period of time. As part of the ‘Our Changing World’ unit, all year groups visit the forest school, pond, and explore the school site regularly throughout the year.


Lingfield Prep school students learning outside

Curriculum Enhancement

A highlight of the school science calendar is a visit from Sublime Science who provide workshops for all year groups. Pupils explore the exciting world of science from learning about electricity to getting hands-on experience making slime and sherbet. 

Sublime Science at Lingfield Prep

Sublime Science at Lingfield Prep Pupils celebrate British Science Week making gooey slime and edible sherbet!

Trips and workshops

Year 1 Forest School, trips to the British Wildlife Centre and Wakehurst Place, wildflower workshop

Year 2 visit to Bronte’s garden, making rafts and test them in the school pond, making healthy sandwiches, living eggs, planting a vegetable garden in Y2 gardens.

Year 3 visit the school Orchard to identify and classify leaves, trip to Wakehurst place, building a worm farm

Year 4 sound experiments using handmade gongs, making musical pipes to explore pitch

Year 5 NASA mission including anti-gravity simulator, Russian lesson and space grid projector.

Year 6 Fairground ride building in STEM week, visit from Christoph Wagner from NASA, 3D eye on ipad.

Eco Warriors Club

Everyone wants to join our Eco Warriors Club! It's a hive of activity all year round, where passionate staff and pupils team up to tackle projects such as monitoring our bird cameras and feeders, harvesting our apples to make our own Lingfield Prep apple juice or looking at how we make our school more sustainable. You can find out more on our Eco Warriors page.

Prep School Springwatch

Prep School Springwatch Look out David Attenborough!