Modern Foreign Languages

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Modern Foreign Languages

Pupils who engage with the study of foreign languages typically have better problem-solving skills, as well as improved memory, concentration and mental flexibility. They also tend to score more highly on standardised tests and benefit from academic progress in other subjects. As the workplace becomes internationalised, children will benefit and prosper from learning additional languages and embracing different cultures. 

We aim to nurture a love of learning languages through extensive listening and speaking activities alongside instilling intercultural understanding and appreciation. 

Key Stage 1

French is taught as part of the curriculum to all pupils from Nursery to the end of Year 4. The teaching is based on the schemes of work developed by Cave Languages.

As well as teaching the language in a fun, engaging way, this programme emphasises learning phonics to aid pronunciation.

Key Stage 2

In Year 5, pupils study Spanish in hour-long sessions. If they are keen on French, they will be able to continue with this in an enrichment club.

In Year 6, children continue to study Spanish but are also introduced to German, offering them the opportunity to develop a broader set of linguistic skills.

Language enrichment clubs are offered once a week to allow children progressing well in these subjects to be stretched further.

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British Council International School Award Success for Lingfield Prep

British Council International School Award Success for Lingfield Prep