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Our maths provision encourages children to become independent learners, managing equipment and investigations and developing systematic methods of recording. We promote a positive attitude towards Mathematics and encourage children to use and apply its methods across the curriculum and in real life.

Lingfield prep school students doing mathematical equations

Variety underpins our teaching approach, demonstrating the practical application of concepts and formulas across a range of situations. There are opportunities for:

  • practical activities and mathematical games
  • individual, group and whole class discussions and activities
  • open and closed tasks
  • practicing methods of calculating, e.g., mental, pencil and paper, calculator
  • working with computers as mathematical tools 

From Year 3 onwards children are split into ability sets. They are assigned to these groups based on aptitude and skill, with movement between sets a common occurrence as pupils learn and progress. Children work in both their own ability and mixed ability groups.

To stretch our highest achieving pupils we promote the many opportunities outside the classroom available through our enrichment clubs. We take part in national competitions, run by the Mathematical Association and the UK Mathematics Trust.

Maths extension club