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Physical Education

We now offer three routes into Academic Physical Education for our pupils at Lingfield.

GCSE PE is the first opportunity pupils have to study the science behind sporting performance at Lingfield. This course covers a range of topics all relating to how performance can be improved in sport through understanding and manipulating scientific principles.

Pupils learn about the structure and function of the Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Muscular and Skeletal systems. We then explore how these react to exercise and then how long-term exercise can lead to physical adaptations and what changes to diet can optimise these adaptations.

Pupils take this knowledge forward into further topics where they research different training methods and learn about which ones are suited to each body system and related sports. Finally pupils apply this working knowledge to themselves in devising a Personal Exercise Programme to improve upon an aspect of physical fitness they choose. They determine this through analysing their fitness against National normative data ranges and link this to their performance in their favoured sport.

Finally pupils choose three sports from the official list (1 x individual, 1 x team & 1 free choice) to be assessed in practically. Pupils will study this course during year 10 and 11 through three formal lessons. Two of these will be classroom based aimed at theoretical concepts and the other will be practical focusing either on their chosen sports or their coursework.