Introducing our Prep Head Student team for 2023/24

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Introducing our Prep Head Student team for 2023/24

Mrs Shackel and the Head Prefect Team for 2023/24

Our 2023 Prep Head Student Team are Ila, Arthur, Scarlet, Daniel, Izzy, Lucia and Georgia-Mae.

There was much excitement on the first day back as our new our Prep Head Boy and Head Girl met with Mrs Shackel to have their photo taken. They will be joined by a team of Head Prefects who will each be allocated to a year group between Reception and Year 4. This change in structure will allow all Prefects to be placed in leadership positions where they will be able to represent the School, support teachers and offer guidance to pupils. 

We asked the new team what qualities they would like to demonstrate in the coming year.

Firstly, well done to you all!

Ila and Arthur, what three words would a friend or teacher use to describe you?

Ila: Kind, caring and a good friend.

Arthur: Compassionate, loving and caring.

As head students, what changes would you make around the school?

Ila: I would like to see that we are all making sure there’s no one left out on the playground and that no one is ever alone or feeling excluded because I enjoy watching people become more confident in themselves and finding new friends.

Arthur: I want to make sure that everyone has someone to play with on the playground and that everyone’s always included.

Introducing our new Prefects...

How did you all feel when you found out you were prefects?

Daniel: I felt really happy because I put in lots of effort to earn this spot.

Izzy: I felt really excited and overwhelmed about being able to have an opportunity at this role because I knew how many of my other friends wanted it.

Lucia: I was very happy because it’s a big opportunity for me and I put a lot of work into the presentation.

Scarlet: I felt very overjoyed and shocked because I knew everyone here definitely deserved the role they got, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out we had all earned ourselves these roles.

Georgia-Mae: I felt really shocked and happy.

What qualities do you feel are required for the role of prefect?

Daniel: You need to be a good, confident leader but you also need to make sure you are kind and caring to make sure your peers and friends feel comfortable to come to you for help.

Izzy: Respect, confidence and being able to understand people.

Lucia: I think it important to be understanding especially in a role when you want to help those around you, I also think that respect, loyalty and confidence are main factors of this role as well.

Georgia: I definitely think empathy, compassion, communication and collaboration are all very important in this role as you want to set others a good example.

Scarlet: Confidence, compassion, leadership and kindness.

And finally, would you like to apply to be on the leadership team in the senior school one day?

All: A resounding YES!

Lastly a fun fact from Ila: My cousin is Head Boy at the Senior School!

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