Introducing our Head Student Team for 2023/24

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Introducing our Head Student Team for 2023/24

Head Student Team with Mrs Folkard

We are pleased to introduce Lingfield College’s new student Head Team for the 2023-2024 Academic year.

Arthur, Aimee, Liam and Claudia. 

Hi everyone. Can you please introduce yourselves to the Lingfield Community?

Hi, my name is Arthur, and I'm delighted to tell you I'm one of the new head students this year.

Hi everyone, I’m Liam, and I’m very pleased to say that I am the new Deputy Head student for this year! 

Hi everyone. My name is Aimee, and I am 17 studying my A Levels at Lingfield College sixth form. I’m currently studying Philosophy, Psychology and English Literature. I joined Lingfield in Reception when I was 4 years old, and I am so grateful to be a part of the head student team.

Hi everyone! My name is Claudia, and I am delighted to be the Deputy Head Student this year. I am currently studying Maths, Philosophy and Media at A Level and have been a student at the school since nursery. I look forward to starting my new role this year with our new Head Student Team!

Why did you want to become part of the Head Student Team?

Arthur: I have been at the school for 15 years now and my two brothers were at the school before me. The school has provided a lot for my family, so I think this role is a great opportunity to give back.

Aimee: I have been at Lingfield almost all my life, making it a large part of who I am. I loved the idea of ending my time at Lingfield being able to leave my mark on the school by having an input into decisions and events going on in the school. Since learning about the role of head student when the sixth formers came down to speak at a prep school assembly, I always hoped I could be a part of the head student team myself. I felt it was a great opportunity to represent Lingfield College and the many things it has to offer to the best of my ability in my last year at the school.

Liam: I chose to apply for the head student team as I believe I’m an approachable person that all students will feel comfortable talking to and engaging with.

Claudia: I had always aspired to be a part of the Head Student Team as I knew it was such a well-respected position. I have loved my time at Lingfield and felt I wanted to give back to the school as they have given so much to me. Throughout my time here, I have formed amazing relationships with both students and teachers and I really wanted to end my Lingfield College experience by representing the school and putting myself forward.  

What did the application process entail?

Aimee: The application process involved three stages. The first stage was an application form asking questions about what we thought the role would involve, why we felt we were suited to the role and what we felt we could bring to the role. The second stage was an interview with one of the heads of sixth form and the current head students where we were questioned further on our applications. Then finally we were asked to write and give a speech about our experience at Lingfield College as though we were addressing prospective parents and students at an open day.

Liam: An application form was the first part of the process, which then lead us onto the interviewing stage. I was interviewed by the previous Deputy Head Boy and Mr Douse, and after ‘wowing’ them in my interview I was selected to present a speech in front of the Head and Deputy Head of the Sixth Form and the Headmaster. We found out soon after who was successful in the process.

Arthur: The application process had three main steps. An application form, an initial interview and a final interview which includes performing the speech you would give on open day. It was quite nerve-racking and was the first time I had gone through such a thorough application process but the teachers were kind and supportive and made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed the opportunity to display my skills and character. 

Claudia: The application process consists of three stages: the application, the interview and the speech. All applicants are interviewed by a Sixth Form teacher and a previous Head Student. People who get through the interview stage then have to perform a speech to the Headmaster, Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head of Sixth Form. This speech should be targeted at new students and parents on a school open day and must include the applicant’s individual experiences at Lingfield.

What qualities do you think a member of the Head Student Team should possess?

Claudia: I think being approachable as a Head Student is really important. We represent all the students in our community and students should feel comfortable and encouraged to communicate with the Head Student Team. I also believe that portraying a friendly, passionate and positive aura is important amongst our peers.

Arthur: I think that any head student should be approachable, collaborative, and confident so that they can work well with the rest of the head student team, younger pupils and their peers feel comfortable talking to them and so that they can speak publicly and effectively represent the school.

Aimee:  Enthusiasm, consideration, dedication, good communication and being well-rounded.

Liam: A member of the head student team should be friendly and collaborative. Being able to talk and help any student in the school as well as work effectively with the head student team is a key component of being part of the head student team.

What one thing would you like to achieve in your role for the coming year?

Liam: In the coming year I’d like to give a voice to the students in the school who feel they don’t yet have one, and show them that everyone has the chance to make an impact in the school. 

Claudia: In the coming year, I would like to make an impact. I hope to be a strong role model and I am excited to be working with the school to ensure we are making positive decisions and choices. I would like to speak on behalf of the students to ensure their voices are heard and acknowledged.  

Arthur: I want to establish a connection between all the year groups at school so that everyone feels comfortable, happy and incorporated into the Lingfield community. This could be through creating extracurricular or interhouse activities that include multiple year groups working together.

Aimee: Some things I would really like to focus on and achieve next year is getting more students involved in the drama department, meeting new students, and ensuring they feel welcome. Also encouraging further conversations about wellbeing and mental health in school.

What are you most looking forward to?

Claudia: I am most looking forward to working with Aimee, Arthur and Liam in this upcoming year. I believe we will make an excellent team and am excited to be working with each of them.

Arthur: I am most looking forward to speaking about the school at open days and other events so I can share my full experience of the school.

Aimee: Working with the other three head students, helping with school events and open days, and helping out more down at the prep school.

Liam: I’m most looking forward to working with the head student team and staff to achieve my goal of making every student feel they have a positive impact on our school.

Summarise yourself in 3 words.

Arthur: Curious, affable, and driven.

Liam: Driven, confident, friendly. 

Aimee: Considerate, dedicated and inquisitive.

Claudia: Driven, unflappable and self-assured.

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