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Mathematics has practical applications in many fields and can be found employed, in some form or another, in most walks of life. The study of Mathematics encourages creative and problem solving skills as well as discipline, logic and rigorous thought processes.

For this reason it is one of the most desirable A Level qualifications, allowing entry to a wide range of degrees and careers. For more information on the potential of Mathematics, please take a look at

There are plenty of good reasons to study Mathematics but one of the most important is that you enjoy it. In addition to supporting the Sciences, many past students have studied Mathematics alongside the Humanities, Arts and Languages for the pleasure and variety it gives them.


Aims of the Course
  • Interest, enthusiasm and determination are all essential for success in this subject, and a good A grade in International GCSE Mathematics is expected as a basis from which to begin the course. We will look at the raw score at IGCSE, rather than just the grade, to advise on the suitability of taking this subject at A Level
  • During the two years we aim to build your confidence and enthusiasm for Mathematics, developing processes and techniques that build on the IGCSE and allow you to start connecting the different areas within the subject
  • We aim to provide you with a strong Mathematical foundation upon which to build your future studies and careers, as well as a love of this wonderful subject