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Modern Foreign Languages

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is increasingly important in a world in which international relations, business and travel are becoming ever more frequent. Speaking a foreign language not only increases employability but also allows us to widen our horizons and enables us to become acquainted with the intricacies of different countries, cultures and societies.

The Modern Foreign Languages Department at Lingfield College is made up of highly committed and enthusiastic language teachers who aim to instil a passion for languages in our students and to help them develop into confident linguists.

All students at Lingfield study two languages from Year 7 to Year 9; French and either German or Spanish. Students then continue to study at least one language out of French, Spanish and German for IGCSE.  For all languages we follow the Edexcel syllabus for IGCSE and AQA for A level.  We aim to ignite and encourage a passion for French, German and Spanish amongst our younger students so that they then pursue their study of languages to A Level and beyond.

Teaching a foreign language is extremely rewarding; it is much more than simply providing the knowledge of new vocabulary and gramatical structures. A foreign language allows students to acquire a deeper understanding of different ways of life and I enjoy helping students to develop a passion for the language and cultures that they study. Seeing the development of students from new language learners to fluent speakers is a highlight of my profession   Roger Appleton, Teacher of MFL

The department runs a wide variety of extra-curricular language clubs and activities.  We offer language enhancement clubs, as well as activities aimed at bringing languages to life and increasing students’ cultural awareness.  A love of languages is nurtured from early on by events such as the celebration of the European Day of Languages, attending theatre plays and cinema days in the target language and cultural conferences throughout the year.

Language students at Lingfield benefit from a number of language immersion trips, including an annual four day trip to Paris for our younger French students and cultural visits such as a Spanish study trip to Barcelona and a German/Music tour of Germany. The Department also runs biannual school exchanges with schools in Lille (France), Warburg (Germany) and Pontevedra (Spain), which allow our students to develop their language skills in a native setting and experience the culture and family life of these countries. Our Sixth-Form students have the opportunity to undertake work experience abroad which greatly enhances their fluency in preparation for their speaking exams.

At Lingfield we want to go beyond the merely linguistic aspect of teaching a language, we aim to plant the seed of a lifelong passion.