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Year 7 Explore the Delights of Normandy

During the half-term break, students from year 7 took sailed from Portsmouth to Caen with Monsieur Gonachon and Madame Fournès for a trip to Normandy, staying at the delightful Château du Baffy for three nights.

After a late arrival and a good night's sleep, they tucked into a French petit-dejeuner before a long day out visiting the market at Port-en-Bessin-Huppain and the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey. They finished the day with marshmallows and hot chocolate by the fire. The group also visited the town of Bayeux, with its impressive cathedral, Isigny-sur-Mer where they were introduced to the art of caramel making, and the medieval town of Honfleur where they explored the picturesque port and high street.

During their trip, the teachers were very proud of the students who tasted frogs legs and snails! They all agreed frogs legs taste a bit like chicken and snails are similar in texture to calamari.

Tasting snails in Normandy
Tasting frogs legs in Normandy
Tagged  senior  trips 

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