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Dr Emma Margrett
Prep School Deputy Head

At Lingfield Prep we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which supports and promotes the aims of the School and which gives pupils experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, aesthetic and creative education, and which is designed to prepare them for the opportunities,responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Emphasis is placed on developing the mission statement:

I can… I know I can

We live in a changing world in which pupils need to acquire skills that will equip them for lifelong learning, thus enabling all children to achieve and learn well. Nurturing the individual is at the heart of the school.

The School delivers a curriculum which is creative, stimulating, challenging and engaging. Our aim is to ensure that the learning environment is characterised by high expectations for all learners. Cross curricular links are embedded across lessons to promote creativity. This means that much of our work is delivered through a Creative Curriculum.

In this approach, each class teacher is responsible for the delivery of the curriculum through a ‘topic based’ approach which incorporates key skills. Although links are encouraged across all subjects, Mathematics, and  Modern Foreign Languages are mainly taught as discrete learning areas unless there is an obvious link to the topic. English is taught as a discrete subject but is used in all topic based work and provides a strong creative link. PSHE & Citizenship Education, RE, Music, Drama and Science are incorporated into the Creative Curriculum where it is appropriate to do so, otherwise they are taught discretely. Over the course of the academic year, pupils will study curriculum topics, such as “The Seaside”, “Exploration”, “From the Stone Age to the Iron Age” or “Great Britain”, with topics being delivered through a range of subjects such as History, Geography, and Art. The use of Computing is encouraged in all topic areas although it is also taught as a subject in its own right to allow children to begin to develop skills such as coding and App development.