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Music at Advanced Level builds on the Listening, Performing and Composing skills developed at GCSE. What is required is an interest in and commitment to the subject. Grade 6 standard is required on the student’s principal instrument so as to access the performance elements of the course, as well as an ability to read sheet music.

The AS/A Level in Music can lead to further study in Music or Performing Arts. Equally, this subject is often a secondary component in either Arts or Science-based courses. Career possibilities for musicians are as varied as the subject itself. Employers value musicians as good ‘team players’, as people capable both of understanding and interpreting complex instructions and of learning and using a precise technical vocabulary. A surprising number of doctors and lawyers have Music in their academic background!

Aims of the Course
  • encourage students to extend their ability to communicate through Music and take part in music-making
  • develop a student’s understanding of the history of music, their aural skills and understanding of how music is constructed
  • encourage an involvement in and appreciation of the diverse and dynamic nature of Music, promoting spiritual and cultural development
  • encourage the development of particular strengths and interests, which can lead to life-long learning and provide access to music-related careers
  • provide a worthwhile, satisfying and complete course of study which broadens experience, develops imagination, fosters creativity and promotes personal and social development