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Students will require greater depth of study and thought. An interest in society, current affairs and the lessons of the past for events of the present and future are crucial.

The course will appeal to those students who:

  • have an interest in the study of the past and its importance
  • seek an academic challenge
  • enjoy debate
  • want an excellent springboard for the challenges of higher education
  • want a qualification that opens many opportunities both in higher education and in career choices

With the historian it is an article of faith that knowledge of the past is a key to understanding the present.  Kenneth Stampp

This quote is even more applicable in an increasingly complex and dislocated international environment. A study of History enables objective and analytical methodology to be applied to the question in hand. It rejoices in the shades of grey rather than the black and white. A well-read historian can face the world with confidence that although they might not solve the problems of the world, they will at least understand them      Mr Warrick, Teacher of History

You will gain many transferable skills, analysis and interpretation of information and the ability to construct and justify a coherent argument. These skills are much sought after in many areas of academia as well as in commerce and industry. History combines well with humanities and is an excellent introduction to many BA Honours courses. History A Level can lead into careers such as law, the civil service, management and journalism. It is not essential to have studied History at GCSE to take A Level, but usually advised.

Aims of the Course
  • to prepare students for degree-level study
  • to heighten awareness of the complex interrelation between social, political and economic factors in the decision making process
  • to allow students to make sense of an increasingly complex and confusing world