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Extra Curricular Music Groups Gallery



The Music Department is a hive of activity at all times of the school day, but particularly at lunchtimes and after school with our large array of ensembles and groups that pupils can take part in. There is something for everyone; from jazz, rock, classical, musical theatre to heavy metal. Students of all ages and every ability can join in and make music!


A three part harmony choir open to students of all abilities who just love singing. Their repertoire covers modern pop as well as musical theatre and gospel

Flute Ensemble

The Chamber Flute Ensemble is open to students in all year groups and of all abilities. They enjoy playing a mixed repertoire of flute pieces.

Jazz Band

A traditional Swing Jazz Band covering tracks by artists such as Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller and Herbie Hancock. The band perform at many school events but also out in the community at large public events. They have toured to German and Belgium. 

Nothing But Treble

‘NBT’ is open to all students in Years 7-13 who enjoy singing in two or three part harmony and like to perform fun/entertaining pieces from West End shows and Pop music.

Woodwind Ensemble

A group open to woodwind players of all abilities. They perform a mixed repertoire of classical and jazzy tunes.

String Ensemble

Open to students in all years and of all abilities, the String Ensemble performs a classical and modern repertoire and looks to encourage and enhance the skills of all budding String players in the School.

Training Orchestra

Open to all students, this ensemble is the perfect place for students of Grade 1-4 standard, not just to gain confidence on their instrument, but also gain skills in playing with other musicians.

String Quartet

By invitation only, the School String Quartet plays a classical repertoire and regularly performs at school functions.

Brass Ensemble

Open to students of all abilities, this chamber sized Brass Ensemble performs a fun repertoire of modern Brass arrangements

Chamber Choir

The elite choir in the school, auditions are held termly for pupils who which to join the Chamber Choir. They perform a repertoire of scared and secular music. The choir has been on tour to Germany and Belgium. 

Symphony Orchestra

An elite Orchestra for advanced musicians of Grade 5 upwards. The Orchestra performs a repertoire of movements and extracts from Symphonic Works such as Beethoven’s 2nd Symphony, Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty, Mozart’s Symphony No.40 and Overture from the Marriage of Figaro, as well as exciting medley numbers from film soundtracks such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Gladiator. 

Guitar Group

The Guitar group is open to all pupils who play Electric, Acoustic or Bass Guitar. They play a mixed repertoire of Rock, Metal, Pop and contemporary music. 

Rock Band Nights

Every Friday after school the whole Music Department is handed over to the numerous Rock/Pop bands that the pupils have created themselves. Some bands arrive at the school formed, other come along and we put them together to create new bands. Pupils are taught Band skills and how to work as a team, work various music equipment and learn a repertoire of their choice. Chosen tracks over the years have been anything from Queen, Stereophonics and Green Day to Take That and Coldplay.