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In order to achieve our goal of going paperless this year, we are continuing with our online amendment system, and would strongly encourage all delegates to upload amendment this the following link: Upload an Amendment

Hello all, this week will be discussing the chain of coup d'etats in the Sahel region of Africa with a resolution submitted by China, the country allocation is as follows:
Download Resolution

If you have any questions, or would like to change your country allocation, please feel free to email Miko or Simreth. Please upload your amendment at the bottom of this page.


Country Allocation 


Chair: Cormac



Year 9    

Adi: Belgium 

Rav: North Korea 

Aryan: UAE 

Joe: Egypt 

Jacob: Laos 

Ned: Bolivia 

Jamie: Colombia 

Sebastian: Mongolia 

Henrick: Cambodia 


Year 10    

Yuki: Thailand 

Henry: Myanmar  


Year 11    

Freddie: Germany 

George: India 

Nathan: Indonesia 

Matthew: Ireland 

Louis: China 

Lottie: Namibia 

Chloe: Zimbabwe 

Elizabeth: Somalia 

Ella: Nigeria 

Izzy: Brazil 

Teddy: South Korea
Miko: United Kingdom 


Year 12      

Lyra: Iran 

Dan: Italy 

Benjy: Japan 

Nathan: Israel 

Holly: Mexico 

Scarlett: Australia 

James Drew: France 

Anna GS: Bangladesh 

Pheobe: Singapore 

James R: Russia 

Monty: Ukraine 

Chris: Pakistan 

Zac: Turkey 

Simreth: USA 


Year 13    

Cormac: Ecuador