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Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. - Plato

Music is studied by all pupils in Years 7 to 9 and during this time, a huge range of musical genres, skills and techniques are covered within class time to engage and broaden students' musical horizons. Listening, performing, composition and aspects of music technology are all covered within the Key Stage 3 courses including: film and TV music, singing, gamelan, ukuleles, keyboard skills, reggae, song writing, the Blues and African drumming.

At GCSE, students develop their musical skills further and cover in greater detail the historical and technical aspects of music from around the world, popular styles and Western classical tradition. Using software such as Sibelius and Garageband, compositional skills are honed further too, looking at the importance of structure, harmony and melodic shaping within their own pieces.

By the Sixth Form, Music students are encouraged to analyse and delve deeper into the analytical aspect of music by studying exam board ‘set works’. Ranging from film music, jazz and classical to Latin and vocal styles, students can use their knowledge gained at GCSE to look at the interpretation and intention of many famous composers.

Performance plays a large role in all the exam courses and as such many opportunities are given to pupils to rehearse and perform their coursework recitals in front of live audiences, gaining feedback, confidence and appreciation. This is in addition to the extensive support they are given by our numerous instrumental staff who assist in preparing their chosen pieces.

Studying Music to A Level enables our students to not only take the subject itself to a higher level at university or conservatoire, but installs in them no matter what their chosen route, highly valued skills such as commitment, dedication and confidence.