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Digital Learning

Lingfield College recognises that digital learning is a key concept that needs to be embraced by educators in today’s classrooms. Technology has tremendous potential to engage, excite and inspire young people. It has the ability to make learning more flexible and to cater for different learning styles and abilities.

Mr Stefan Hagan                         Mr Ben Monk
Director of Digital Learning       Director of IT Infrastructure
(Teaching & Learning)

Lingfield’s digital strategy has become an intrinsic part of teaching and learning. There are subjects where the technology is an essential part of the course, and in these areas (Media Studies, Computer Science, Music to name a few) our digital resources are outstanding. As Director of Digital Learning, Mr Hagan promotes transformational digital learning across all of the curriculum to support teachers, students and parents.

Staff and Students benefit from Lingfield's file share service, securelink, which allows connection to their personal and shared digital files from any device, anywhere, anytime. Sixth Form and SEND pupils can access virtual desktops through their own devices in school or from home.

Teachers use iPads in their subjects and connect to Apple TV to move beyond the static whiteboard. For example the Science Department makes great use of Data Loggers, whilst Maths use iPad stands to create live demonstrations of calculating equations. Using the school sets of iPads in the classroom, students make use of apps such as Plickers, Nearpod, Explain Everything, Quizlet and Book Creator for a different experience of learning, feedback and revising. These apps have been found to be particularly successful in History, English and PE lessons to name a few. Collaboration and creativity have proven to make deep and valuable learning experiences for our students, a way to ensure active rather than passive learning.

The school’s Virtual Learning Environment is Firefly. This is available on desktops or as an app and is used by teachers, students and parents. The site not only offers vital information such as sports fixtures and calendar dates, it is where homework is set, where assessment information is found, and vetted links from teachers are created. Essentially, the Firefly site delivers a personalized learning experience as students and parents can access their homework, extension material, exam preparation, and assessment support with great ease and communication between teachers, students and parents flow.

Mr Hagan is excited to continue on the exceptional work from his predecessor who developed a real school focus on Digital Learning at Lingfield College. He is excited by what the future holds for educational technology and believes it is vital that students develop these 21st-century skills to enable them to be successful in their future careers.