Senior Art Scholarship

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Senior Art Scholarship

Please ensure you have all the necessary supporting documentation before submitting the application form.
Please submit a portfolio of six pieces of work in a clear folder no larger than A1 (one piece may be a sketchbook). The work may demonstrate a range of ideas and subjects and a range of techniques and media.
Any oversized works or pieces of sculpture should be photographed and included in the folder as one piece.
The folder must be clearly marked with your name and contact details
Please remember to include your reference in your portfolio folder (this may be written by an Art Teacher or Art Club Leader, a form teacher or any other adult unrelated to the child, who is qualified to comment on the child’s abilities.
All folders should be delivered to The Admissions Office in Le Clerc House.
Applications to be received by 31 October 2022.
Successful candidates will be contacted to attend the Art Scholarship Assessment Day on 11th January 2023.

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