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This week's topic will be the question of LGBTQ+ rights. Apologies for the very delayed email!  Luckily, there's not too much complicated research for this week: just look up your country's religion/affiliation and if you have time,  policy on each of the clauses (legality, marriage, consent, ability to serve in the armed forces etc.) The focus of the resolution is very much on the 'G' part of the umbrella topic, but this leaves lots of room for 'add clause' amendments, so we hope to see many of these! The resolution is attached and country allocations are below.

Download Resolution

Please note that this is a relatively easy concept to grasp, with many countries having very clear policy. I hope to see many first time speeches/POIs (Questions.) Don't worry about 'technical language.' I'll send a document over in a few weeks outlining some stuff, but no-one is going to judge you if you make a 'mistake.'

If you have any questions, or would like to change your country allocation, please feel free to email Miko or Simreth. Please upload your amendment at the bottom of this page.


Country Allocation 


Chair: Kochi

Co-Chair: Simreth


Year 9   

Adi: Morocco

Rav: India

Aryan: Germany

Joe: Estonia

Jacob: Latvia 

Ned: Lithuania 

Jamie: Belarus

Sebastian: Poland

Henrick: Botswana


Year 10   

Yuki: Seychelles  

Henry:  Madagascar

Will S:  Switzerland


Year 11   

Freddie: Iran   

George: Saudi Arabia

Nathan: Ukraine

Miko: Ecuador

Matthew: USA

Louis: South Africa

Teddy: Syria

Lottie: Tunisia

Chloe: Yemen

Elizabeth: Ireland

Ella: Finland

Izzy: Iceland

Teddy: Austria


Year 12     

Lyra: Paraguay

Dan: Israel

Benjy: China

Nathan: Russian Federation 

Holly: Bosnia and Herzegovina    

Scarlett: Canada 

Ellie: Viet Nam

James Drew: Sweden  

Anna GS: Japan    

Pheobe: Thailand 

Will: Türkiye

James R: UK  

Immy: Ethiopia

Nat: Malawi    

Anna B: Myanmar 

Emily: Italy

Monty: Kazakhstan

Chris: Nigeria

Zac: UAE

Max: Yemen

Liv: Belgium

Matt G: Algeria

Yianni: Cyprus

Amélie: France 

Ben Holm: Qatar 

Milo: Trinidad and Tobago

Rory: Oman

Alex: Jordan

Adam H: Iraq

James H: Algeria

Charlie C: Bahrain

Hector: Greece

James Dalton: Libya

Cam: Spain


Year 13   

Cormac: Thailand  

Isabel: Pakistan