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Drama is an interactive, living art form which should reflect a variety of styles, genres and approaches. Drama is an art form in its own right, as well as a cross-curricular learning medium. It draws on the knowledge, interests and enthusiasms of those involved, and must therefore involve some flexibility of approach. Drama is about extending children’s ideas and deepening their understanding of the issues involved. Drama can help pupils to make sense of themselves and the world they inhabit, while developing a range of dramatic skills which will enrich their creative appreciation.

At Lingfield we believe that all pupils have an entitlement to be taught Drama throughout their time at the School. We ensure that Drama has recognition as part of the creative curriculum and within the Lingfield Curriculum for English.

Our aim is to provide experiences and learning which will enable children to:

  • participate in a wide range of Drama activities and be actively involved in their own learning
  • create, adapt and sustain different roles, both individually and in groups
  • express ideas and feelings, develop empathy with others
  • work positively with difference
  • build self-confidence and raise self-esteem
  • use characterisation, action and narrative to convey story, themes, emotions and ideas in devised and scripted plays
  • explore literature through Drama
  • improve and develop their oral skills
  • be aware of dramatic conventions
  • evaluate own and others contributions to the overall effectiveness of performance and
  • appreciate Drama in performance, both as participants and spectators

Pupils will experience continuity and progression, building on subject knowledge and skills which will be revisited and developed as they progress through the school. Drama is an integral part of the Lingfield Curriculum at all Key Stages.

Time Allocation

Each class, from Reception to Year 6 receives one timetabled lesson per week led by a specialist teacher. These last for 30 minutes. Sessions for Year 6 last for 40 minutes. Sessions take place in The Drama Studio or in the Assembly Hall. Each class has the opportunity to take part in a formal presentation before an audience, and extra time is allocated for rehearsals. Drama Clubs run termly and a Drama Workshop group for Able Pupils runs for one term. The 'In the Wings' group, to encourage confidence and self awareness, also runs for one term.

Planning and Organisation

Sessions are structured in different ways according to the age and experience of the pupils. Reception classes are very teacher led and structured, while Year 6 sessions involve the pupils having more control over the form and development of the work done. While the themes for the younger classes are chosen to provide a variety of creative and PSHECE experiences, for the older pupils a cross-curricular approach is taken.

The Drama Coordinator works closely with the Music Coordinator to enhance work in the classroom and in performance. She also liaises regularly with class teachers to ensure Drama is enhancing topic work within the classroom work.