Use of Digital Images - Permission

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Use of Digital Images - Permission



The School has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for our pupils. Some uses of images are deemed essential for the successful operation of the School or where the School requires it and is otherwise lawfully entitled to do so, and as such, do not require parental consent. These purposes include but are not limited to,

  • Identification, administration and security
  • Learning, observation, demonstration, evidence & assessment - including internal displays in classrooms, noticeboards, and video screens around the School site.

We also recognise the positive value of the responsible use of professional, high-quality images/videos of pupils in celebrating and promoting the School as a successful, enjoyable and vibrant place to learn. We also believe that keeping parents, staff, pupils and the wider community up to date with school activities, events, news and our achievements can make a valuable contribution to the life and morale of the School, aid pupil motivation and help enhance our reputation.

The Use of Digital Image Policy

Full details of the School’s policy on the use of photographs and video/audio recordings within the School are detailed in our Use of Digital Images Policy. This policy is intended to minimise the risks of image misuse and the right to consent and privacy. It takes into account data protection and child protection issues and covers procedures for taking, storing and publicising images of pupils.


How We Use Images

To Record Events in the life of the School 

We take images/videos of children during productions, concerts, awards ceremonies, class activities, events, trips and sporting matches and use them: 

  • On our digital learning platforms, Firefly/Famly*
  • In School newsletters
  • In yearbooks, sports team photographs and whole school photographs

Please note: 

*Access to Firefly/Famly is restricted to current parents via secure login. 

Marketing and Promotion of the School

We take images/videos of children during productions, concerts, awards ceremonies, class activities, events, trips and sporting matches and use them: 

  • On the School website (
  • For our School social media channels. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and podcasting platforms
  • In promotional materials, including the prospectus, banners, flyers, brochures and posters
  • In advertisements in agreed third-party publications, billboard displays, digital display ads or local/national media.
  • For alumni purposes.

Please note: 

  • We never publish the full names of pupils.  (Occasionally express and direct permission may be sought in respect of significant news items). 

GDPR & Consent

In 2018, UK Data Protection Legislation changed to include General Data Protection Regulation, which Lingfield College follows, and the guidance set by the Information Commissioner's Office on image consent.

To ensure that parental consent is evident and clear we require the completion of our consent form below for every pupil in the School.

This form is subject to the provisions of GDPR which includes rules on giving privacy information to those whose data is held by an organisation. These requirements ensure that privacy information is clear and understandable. Our Privacy Policy is detailed on the school’s website and details the overall privacy responsibilities of the school.

Please note: The data protection laws give children the right to their own data (including images) where they are considered to have a capacity to understand their own data. In the UK, it is agreed that most children reach this level of understanding at the age of 13. In the Senior School, where appropriate, we may seek the verbal consent of a pupil before taking a photograph/video.

Where Consent Has Not Been Given

For those parents who feel unable to give consent for images of their children to be used in a particular way, we would like to outline the process so that parents are aware of how we will manage this.

  • If you have indicated that you do not wish your child to be photographed or filmed they may be either asked to stand aside during photo and filming opportunities, or we will doctor the image to ensure that the pupil is not recognisable using pixelation prior to publishing. This would include general classroom and playground images as well as school events, productions, school trips etc.
  • Whilst we will always try to avoid using images of children which feature children for whom we do not have parental consent, inevitably at times, this may be unavoidable. 
  • We may still publish images where the child in question is in the frame but is unrecognisable, for example, has their back turned or is blurred in the background. 

Guidance for Parents Taking Photographs/Videos at School Events

  • Images/videos taken by parents of their own children at School events such as award ceremonies, sporting events, concerts and productions, are reminded that such images should be used for personal use only. 
  • A parent/carer publicly sharing images of other pupils with no controls on privacy may be in breach of data protection rules. Parents are therefore asked that images that may, expressly or not, identify other pupils should not be made accessible to others via online or social media channels without the prior agreement of that pupils' parents or shared/published in any other way. 
  • Parents are asked expressly not to interfere with the smooth running of the event or compromise health and safety to take images. 
  • The School reserves the right to refuse or withdraw permission to film or take photographs from any parent who does not follow these guidelines or is otherwise reasonably felt to be taking inappropriate images.