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Eco Council

"Eco-Schools empowers pupils, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and also creates financial savings for schools. The Eco-Schools Programme is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in exciting environmental projects."  Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools Green Flag 

In November 2020 Eco Council celebrated having achieved Eco-Schools status and hoisted the Green Flag.  This is a celebration of all the hard work Eco Council have put in working through the 10 Eco-Schools topics


The Eco Councillors have made some boxes for their classrooms for recycling board pens and glue sticks. Billions of pens and glue sticks go to landfill each year and, as they are made mainly of plastic, they will not biodegrade.

Recycling tricky items

Eco Council have set up a tricky items recycling point near the Jockey's car park for items that can't usually be recycled at home. Accepted items are listed on the boxes themselves. Items which can normally be recycled at home, such as plastic bottles and cardboard are NOT ACCEPTED in these boxes.

Apple Juice

Keep an eye out for our very own apple juice which will be on sale soon! Each Autumn, volunteers take part in Apple picking to make apple juice that can be purchased through the School. In 2020 the team diversified into plum jam as well. Money raised will go towards environmental projects.

Switch-off Fortnight

Starting on Monday 16th November, the school is taking part in Switch-off Fortnight, during which time the children will learn about the importance of saving energy. Our Eco Councillors will become Energy Champions and assess how energy-efficient each class is. The winning class will receive the Eco Trophy as well as our energy mascot, Busta! See if you can save more energy at home too!

Eco Tip

Save your crisp packets. You would be surprised by how many things can be made from them. We would love it if you could wash any crisp packets you have and send them into school with your child. We are collecting them in order to send them to an organisation in Somerset who use them to make survival blankets for homeless people.

Wildlife Warriors Trail cam video

Look who has been visiting our school when we are not around! Eco Council placed a wildlife trail camera in the school grounds over the weekend. In this clip, you can see a very healthy-looking fox, who has got a thick coat ready for winter. He looks like a male fox as he is quite large. We also catch a glimpse of a roe deer sneaking off at the side. The grey squirrel is busy searching for where he buried food earlier in the year. Can you see him digging?