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Britain's Tallest Man Meets with Prep Pupils to Show it Okay to be Different

Lingfield Prep receive a special visit in Anti-Bullying week.

Last week, Lingfield Prep pupils were left buzzing with excitement after receiving a special visit from Paul Sturgess, officially recognised as the tallest man in Great Britain, to share his inspiring story of his basketball career and the importance of unity and acceptance during Anti-Bullying Week.

Standing at an impressive 7 feet 7 inches, Sturgess captivated the attention of pupils and staff alike as he spoke passionately about his own experiences with uniqueness and how being different can be a source of strength rather than a cause for division. Paul emphasised the significance of embracing diversity and standing up against bullying, fostering an environment of inclusivity within the school community.

As part of his visit, Sturgess engaged the pupils in interactive basketball workshops, demonstrating his extraordinary height and exceptional skills on the court. The workshop allowed the students to participate in various basketball drills and activities, promoting teamwork, communication, and confidence.

Lingfield Prep plans to incorporate the lessons learnt from Paul Sturgess' visit into their ongoing efforts to promote a supportive and inclusive school culture. The pupils, who have not stopped talking about the extraordinary day, are now equipped with a deeper understanding of the significance of unity and acceptance, inspired by the tallest man in Great Britain. 

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