Remote Learning Tips

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Remote Learning Tips

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As we all get used to learning in lockdown again, we thought you might like some guidance on how to make learning remotely as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Mr Fast, Deputy Head - Academic has put together some top tips which will help you to give what you're doing your full attention whilst learning from home.

The night before

  • Make sure your computer is on charge
  • Get your books, pens and paper ready
  • Look at your schedule in advance
  • Get some good rest.

In the morning

  • Eat a healthy breakfast before you start work
  • Have a glass of water.

Be ready

  • Find a quiet space, ideally the same space each day to signal ‘work time’
  • Try giving your phone to a parent or guardian while you're working, or you could even try leaving it in another room or drawer where you can lock it away
  • Take regular breaks and get physical! Whether it is going for a walk, dancing around the kitchen or playing catch. This will help keep your concentration.

In class

  • Try to stay focussed
  • Ask questions if you need to
  • Remember to join in!