Oohh Arrrr me hearties, it's the latest Lingfield Prep production!

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Oohh Arrrr me hearties, it's the latest Lingfield Prep production!

Read a review of the production 'Pirates and Mermaids' by year 6 pupil, Chloe.

Have you ever wondered what would happen when Mermaids and pirates collide? The Lingfield college prep year 3 and 4 production Pirates & Mermaids, is a hilarious well-acted joy fest and had the teachers, the pupils and the rest of the school laughing out loud. The children have put in hours rehearsing the songs, practising their lines, and remembering their dances, and it has all paid off as they bring to the stage a thrilling, action-packed adventure between the Pirates and the Mermaids that leaves you wanting more.

The plot of the story starts with Captain Scarypants, the courageous leader of the pirate crew, and their arch nemesis the leader the mermaids and her mermaid crew, and each group believes that they are better than the other, but eventually ending up as friends. The highlights for me include: The creative, colourful costumes, the lively dancing, the catchy songs, and the captains pet parrot’s catchphrase; “hello sausage” which had everyone in hysterics, and which received a welcome call back at strategic points throughout the production. The play was a good length of time as the little ones didn’t get bored, but it wasn’t too short, it kept me engaged, and I am looking forward to the next show that Lingfield College brings us.

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