MFL Business Language Challenge

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MFL Business Language Challenge

Lingfield College students use their language and marketing skills to promote products in the MFL Business Language Challenge. 

On Friday 23rd March a group of 11 students in Years 9 and 10 were selected to attend a new venture called the MFL Business Language Challenge, set up by Business Language Champions

They travelled to King Edward's School Witley to take part in a marketing and sales promotion of a very sweet product - jelly babies. The aim was to work in teams with other schools and come up with a version of jelly babies that would sell in a foreign market.

Students had to make a mock-up stand using materials that they purchased with fake euros but real French, Spanish or German to a set budget. They then wrote, practised, and presented a sales pitch to a group of real business professionals and even had to use their media and drama skills to make a video promoting their product.

What impressed us as teachers was how resilient, imaginative and engaged our students quickly became with all tasks sent their way. Congratulations to CJ in year 10 for receiving a special mention for her team spirit and full involvement in the project. All teams made us incredibly proud, not just for their language skills, which were brilliant, of course, but also for their incipient business minds... well done!

Mrs. Carballo-Varela (Head of Spanish) and Mrs Edwards (Head of German)

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