Lingfield students attend HABSMUN

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Lingfield students attend HABSMUN

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Lingfield students from MUN took part in the HABSMUN this weekend. This is the final conference for the year and for our Year 13s, the last ever conference at school!

All students spent their time debating on Saturday from 9 - 5. Sunday was optional and only Simreth took part for all of Sunday's debate. Simreth was outstanding in both his Commitee (Health) and in the GA.

The quality of debate was extremely high. With 20 schools participating and over 300 students involved, Mrs Halling-Brown really enjoyed listening to so many of them challenging and raising valid points throughout the day.

Awards were given for:

  • Highly commended Delegates
  • Distinguished Delegates
  • Outstanding Delegates

Well done to all the students on their awards! 


DISEC - Christopher 

UNHCR - Aimee

Specpol - David.  Highly Commended

Sochum - Tom A.  Highly Commended

Special commission - Cormac

Health - George   Highly Commended 

Crisis - Sophia


DISEC - Ethan

UNHCR - Jessica

Specpol - Charlie

Sochum - Dan G

Special committee - Will M

Health - Simreth.   OUTSTANDING

Crisis - Ivan