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Lingfield Hosts 12 Schools for the 5th Annual Model United Nations Conference

Students at Lingfield College MUN 2023

Lingfield College welcomes 192 students from 12 schools for a day of challenging debate.

On Saturday, 2nd December, Mrs. Halling-Brown, Director of MUN, and the LCMUN Secretariat were joined by delegates and teachers for our 5th Annual LCMUN. We were delighted to welcome back delegations who have supported us from our inaugural event, as well as to be joined by some new schools this year. Everyone participated with enthusiasm, maturity and respect for their fellow delegates.

Keynote speaker 

Philip Godsall-Stanton

The conference was opened by Major (Retired) Philip Godsall-Stanton, who presented a thought-provoking speech entitled 'The UN and Me‘ which explored Philip’s personal experiences working with the UN, from a military perspective. 

Philip challenged delegates to recognise the issues facing the UN and the practical consequences of decisions made from Headquarters often thousands of miles away. He emphasised that the UN has a vital role to play in preventing war by facilitating effective discussion, debate and policy-making, preventing escalation to military methods. The speech ended with Philip opening up the floor to some thought-provoking and stimulating questions.


Committee reports

UNEA - United Nations Environmental Committee

  • The Question of Climate Refugees.
  • The Question of Disaster Response to Extreme Natural Events.

Louis is an experienced MUN delegate, and this was his first time chairing a committee, ably co-chaired by Matthew. The committee had some lively debate following France‘s opening speech, which drew swift criticism from the USA. Amendments came from Brazil, Pakistan and Egypt for the first resolution. Co-chaired by Matthew, the committee had some lively debate following France‘s opening speech, which drew criticism from USA. Amendments came from Brazil, Pakistan and Egypt for the first resolution.

Louis said, ‘Despite some initial complications and technical mishaps, I still believe that my committee was able to provide very in-depth and interesting debate, with both topics covered and a wide variation of opinions, ideas and knowledge. That culminated in the success of passing both of our resolutions‘.


Most Distinguished Delegation: USA

Highly Commended: INDIA

Commended: PAKISTAN

DISEC - Disarmament and International Security

  • The Question of The Proliferation of Nuclear Technology To Non-Nuclear Nations.
  • The Question of Modern Slavery and People Trafficking in Africa and The Middle East.

Chaired by Nathan and co-chaired by James. The session included fruitful debate, with delegates expressing lots of different views on how to limit nuclear weapons and how to limit countries which already posses them. The resolution put forward by Ethiopia faced strong and effective opposition from other delegations and was not passed.


Most Distinguished Delegation: GREECE

Highly Commended: ISRAEL

Commended: INDIA

ECOFIN - Economic and Financial Affairs Council

  • The Question of International Tax Havens
  • The Question of The Embezzlement of International Funds

Chaired by Miko and co-chaired by Nathan, ECOFIN had an incredibly successful day. Miko said ‘I am immensely proud to have chaired ECOFIN today, in which we experienced numerous academically stimulating debates, and were fortunate to have passed numerous resolutions.'

We had an outstanding time, debating the question of the embezzlement of international funds, in which we discussed how can the transparency in the movement of funds be increased and the embezzlement of international funds be reduced? We also considered incentives that could be put in place to reduce embezzlement of international funds. We further debated the question of international tax havens.

Thank you to all ECOFIN delegates who made this amazing day possible.


Most Distinguished Delegation: FRANCE

Highly Commended: ISRAEL

Commended: SOUTH KOREA


UNSC - United Nations Security Council

  • The Question of the Evolving Situation in Ukraine
  • The Question of the Evolving Situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Chaired by experienced MUN member and President of the GA, Simreth, and his co-chair Holly, the Security Council faced some incredibly complex and challenging issues. Discussion was passionate, articulate and well-reasoned.


Distinguished Delegate: ALBANIA/ DPRK

Highly Commended: UK

Commended: MALTA

SPECPOL - Disarmament and International Security

  • The Question of the Conflict in Ethiopia.
  • The Question of Private Military Companies.

Chaired by Lyra and co-chaired by Anna, the committee had some fruitful debate. They were discussing some complex topics and delegates raised challenging questions in order to develop the debate.


Most Distinguished Delegation: ISRAEL

Highly Commended: FRANCE/ CAMBODIA

Commended: MALTA

UNICEF - United Nations Children’s Fund

  • Ensuring Children’s Health Through Improved Immunization.
  • Ensuring all Children, Including those with Disabilities, Live in Barrier-Free and Inclusive Communities.

Chaired by Myles and co-chaired by Aryan, this committee comprised first-time delegates to LCMUN. Resolutions were passed for Russia and China after amendments by France and Japan were agreed. The resolution from Russia was fiercely debated but narrowly passed with a 9 to 8 majority in favour.

Myles said that it was an absolutely incredible debate, and he was impressed with the high level of participation from everyone on the committee. 


Distinguished Delegate: ANTIGUA & BARBUDA

Highly Commended: CHINA


WHO - World Health Organisation

  • The Question of Bioweapons
  • The Question of Medical Misinformation

Chaired by Kochi and co-chaired by Phoebe. The discussion was in-depth and detailed, with delegates making profound and well-reasoned arguments. The debates were taken seriously, but there were also some entertaining moments, making for a memorable event for all.


Distinguished Delegate: GREECE

Highly Commended: USA

Commended: CANADA


Lingfield MUN, a word from the committee

When we established the first LCMUN in 2019, little did we know how much momentum the event, and our club, would gain. Lingfield College MUN is now one of the largest co-curricular clubs outside of sports, equipping students across all year groups with public speaking, writing and research skills, introducing them to international affairs, issues of peace and security, human rights, and the development and rule of law issues that are on the UN agenda.

In today’s troubled world, it is so important for young people to find their voice, to help them make sense of an increasingly complicated global situation, to be able to articulate their ideas and to feel empowered to implement change, however small this might be. Whilst delegates at LCMUN may not (yet!) be in the position to directly influence local or global policy, the sort of respectful, stimulating and challenging debates in Model UN establishes the value of communication for future generations of leaders and change makers. One of the resounding messages from our Keynote Speaker today was that military intervention only happens when all other approaches have failed. It is always better to talk than to fight. An important reminder for us all in every aspect of life.

Congratulations to our overall prize winners for the day:

Best Delegation - Greece

Highly Commended - USA

Commended - ISRAEL

Thank you to all the schools for making the day such a success with intelligent and thoughtful debate:

ACS Egham, Ardingly College, Alleynes, Caterham School, Bishop Thomas Grant, Buller’s Wood, Oriel, Reigate Grammar, St Paul's Catholic College, Worth, Wimbledon High, Queen’s College.

We look forward to seeing you all for LCMUN 2024!

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