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Welcome to the Old Lingfieldians’ Association, a community offering a professional and social network for former students of Lingfield College, a group proud to call itself the OLs.  We aim to make OLs relevant to our members and the school community.

You may be a recent leaver looking for university or career advice who could benefit from the pool of talent which the school produces, or you may have left the school some 10, 20 or 30 plus years ago and would like to reconnect with old friends, or you might be considering sending your own children / grandchildren to Lingfield College.

We hope you are able to attend an event during the year, or even suggest an event that you would like to see held at the school for OLs. 

Contact: Susan Roe - Alumni Secretary, Lingfield College


Telephone: 01342 832407

OLs Logo

A recent student competition on the logo for Alumni scored this design as a clear winner (a nice blend of old and new) for Old Lingfieldians or for short - OLs