2022 Case Studies

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2022 Case Studies

The results and range of destinations of our students in 2022 was impressive, and we were incredibly proud of each one of them. Here are just some of our leavers reflecting on their time at Lingfield College. 

Case Study: Lily-Grace

A Levels

  • Art A* 
  • Business A* 
  • Psychology A* 

Lily-Grace will be taking a gap year before continuing her studies in Architecture at University of Nottingham.

"I had the opportunity to join various study support sessions and extra-curricular clinics during my studies that pushed me that bit further."

Case Study: Dan

A Levels:

  • Chemistry A*
  • Biology A
  • Geography B

Dan will be taking a year abroad before continuing his studies in Politics and Geography at Exeter Penryn. 

"All the teachers, especially the Geography department were really knowledgeable whenever I needed advice or guidance in my studies."

Case Study: Amy

A Levels: 

  • Psychology A*
  • English Literature A*
  • Art A*

Amy will study Psychology with Neuroscience at University of Sussex. 

"I really loved the atmosphere and community feel at Lingfield. I have always felt supported in every possible way throughout my time here."

Case Study: Joe

A Levels: 

  • Psychology A*
  • PE A*
  • Philosophy A*

Joe will study Finance and Management at University of Nottingham. 

"Saturday School was extremely helpful in the preparation for A Levels. It was an excellent environment for learning and Mr Hagan provided a lot of support with the UCAS applications."

Case Study: Oliver, Head Student

A Levels: 

  • Economics A*
  • Mathematics A*
  • History A*

Oliver is studying Economics at University of Warwick

"Whenever I needed help with anything, I wouldn't even have to ask, they were always there to help me both academically and pastorally."

Case Study: Josh

A Levels: 

  • Biology A*
  • Physics A*
  • Mathematics A

Josh will study Material Sciences at University of Manchester

'Lingfield helped me develop independently. The Biology teachers challenged us to ask questions and also gave us the freedom to explore our interests."