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In the Prep School the children will have many opportunities to enhance and enrich their learning through our Co-Curricular Activities. There are activities on offer to suit everyone which also provide openings for children to discover their interests and find where their talents lie.

There are over sixty clubs on offer each term which vary from music and sport to mini-chefs, chess and 'arty-crafty' clubs. These take place before or after school and at lunchtimes.

Children are actively encouraged to attend activities and the majority take part in at least one club, with others participating in an activity every day of the week. Our aim is for children to learn new skills, develop self-belief and self-confidence, and have fun!

Academic                  Creative Music Physical
Academic Extension Art Club Band Workshop Ballet
Debating Club Arts and Crafts Club Chamber Choir   Boys' and Girls' Football Club
Fish Club/Science Creative Art Double Trouble  Cricket Skills NEW
International Pen-Pal Club Drama Club Ebony and Ivory Cycling Club NEW
Ipad/Computer Club Lego Club Fiddlesticks Dodgeball
Key Stage 1 Masters Potions Club Harp Attack Eco Warriors
Languages (Spanish, German, French) Shape, Pattern & Puzzle Club Highly Strung Gardening Club
Maths and Maths Masters Super Sewing Team Flute Salad Girls' Football Club
Phonics Masters   Glee Choir   Karate
Touch Typing   Little & Loud Choir Modern & Street Dance
Writers Club   Mini Fiddles Nursery Sports Club
Mathletics   Music Theory Olympic Skills
    Orchestra Rugby Skills
    Notre Noise Choir Sports Club
    Reeds United Tennis
    Samba ETC Walk and Talk NEW
    Senior Orchestra Wildlife Warriors NEW
    Senior Training Orchestra Yoga and Mindfulness
    Top Brass  
    Treble Trouble  
    Ukulele Club NEW