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Year 13 Business trip to London

Year 13 A Level Business students visit London for a Tutor2u revision webinar. 

Year 13 A Level Business students took a trip to London last Thursday with Mr Hagan, Mr Bolton, and Mrs Logan to take part in the Tutor2u revision webinar. It was a whole day revision workshop which aims to assist students with exam technique, now that they are round the corner!  
The day was split into four sessions: 
Session 1: How to maximise marks on 4, 10, and 12 mark questions including advance information for 2022.
Session 2: How to successfully write, structure, and develop 20 mark questions.
Session 3: Investigating Business in a competitive environment, including information on how to structure and balance an 8 mark question. 
Session 4: Learning Quantitative skills and numerical concepts. 

The sessions were created and presented by experienced teachers and examiners, which benefited students greatly as they know what the focus for the exams needs to be. 

Our students found it very rewarding and helpful:

I really benefited from looking at student answers from an examiners' perspective, as marking and checking the accuracy of answers really helped construct my own.


The maths related content was very useful as it was an area I had previously lacked confidence with.



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