Renowned Travel Writer Simon Parker Shares Journey from Passion to Profession

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Renowned Travel Writer Simon Parker Shares Journey from Passion to Profession

Simon Parker at Lingfield College

Years 9 and 10 had their first Headmaster Lecture of the year.

Lingfield College students in Years 9 and 10 had a motivating talk from renowned travel writer and journalist Simon Parker, who shared his incredible journey from a passionate globetrotter to a successful career in travel journalism. Parker's impressive portfolio includes gripping narratives on pressing global issues such as climate change in Svalbard and Bolivia, in-depth investigations into gang crime and tourism in Acapulco, Mexico, and his explorations of the hauntingly beautiful abandoned Soviet cities in Georgia.

Simon shared a visual feast of photos and videos, transporting the students to his earliest memories of setting out for New Zealand armed with nothing but a tent and an audacious lack of survival skills, and some of his most recent adventures, walking from one end of the Shetland Isles to the other.

As the captivating talk unfolded, Parker shared anecdotes and insights from a life spent living nomadically as a journalist around the world and he was able to turn his love for travelling into a dream career. Simon emphasised the importance of curiosity and an open mind, encouraging students to view the world as their classroom and how travel offers many possibilities.

The students, fascinated by Parker's stories and insights, actively participated in the discussion, posing questions about his favourite destinations, memorable encounters, and the practicalities of a career in travel journalism. Parker responded with a blend of humour and candour, leaving a sense of adventure and challenge to those who attended.

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