Parent Coaching Expert Talks for 2024

Lingfield College is delighted to announce four new Parent Coaching talks in 2024 with Hayley Stoner. 

Last year, Parent Coach Hayley's expert advice on toddlers was extremely popular, so we have scheduled four new dates for 2024. Hayley runs a local parent coaching service called Little Ones at Home specialising in toddler behaviour, baby and toddler sleep and potty training. As well as being qualified in child development, certified in sleep coaching and rated “outstanding” by Ofsted for her work with children and families, she has over twenty years of experience in the field. 

Her mission is to inspire parents to share challenges, feel supported, and have good research-based information to make confident decisions that will empower them to find joy in parenting and meet their personal parenting goals.

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Toddler Tantrums

Date: 24th Jan

Raising a toddler can be a challenging experience, and you may encounter many behavioural issues that can be difficult to handle. 

The goal is to help you and your child navigate this exciting, but sometimes challenging, stage of life with confidence and ease.

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How to Prepare for Potty Training 

Date: 24th April

Potty training can be an anxious time for parents as they may feel unsure about how to approach the process. It’s a big independent step for a child to learn a lifelong skill and parents are the teachers. I will be giving information on how to spot readiness, how to prepare your child, ways for parents to mentally prepare for the process, the key stages of potty training, and tips and tricks to help along the way.



Emotional Resilience

Date: 5th June 

In this talk, you'll learn practical strategies and insights for nurturing emotional resilience in your child, which can benefit their overall wellbeing. Drawing on Hayley’s years of experience working with families and young children, you'll discover actionable tips and techniques for promoting emotional regulation, coping skills, and self-confidence in your child.

Don't miss out on this chance to give your child the tools they need for a happy and healthy future.

Toddler Bedtime Battles

Date: 16th October

Bedtime can be a frustrating time for many families. It’s the time when parents are exhausted from a busy day, and it can be when a child has a surge in energy and emotions can run high! Dealing with power struggles at bedtime can be challenging and exhausting. I will be sharing information about why bedtime battles can happen, the norms of toddler sleep, promoting good sleep hygiene and a few strategies to support an easier bedtime for all.




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