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Lingfield College hosts IEA & Vinson Sixth Form Conference

On Wednesday the IEA delivered an eye-opening conference for our students in the Sixth Form.

With the aim to educate and improve understanding surrounding economic and social problems, every year the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) – an educational charity - hosts conferences for students covering a broad range of topics to challenge students’ way of thinking and to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the morning, our Economic and Business students learned about free market’s approach to tackling climate change from the chief operating officer of IEA, Andy Mayer, before Julian Jessop presented an insightful discussion covering UK productivity. To conclude the conference Kristian Niemietz - Head of Political Economy at IEA – led a fascinating lecture educating our students on social health insurance.

The talks went into depth on the several key issues and possible solutions. We looked at the intriguing effects that Artificial Intelligence can have on productivity and the possible impact a four-day week could have on the productivity of our workforce.

Harry thomas, sixth form student

The conference was well received by our Sixth Form students who were challenged on a host of important subjects ranging from climate change to artificial intelligence, as well as the current economic challenges facing the UK and the wider global environment. James, Year 12, commented: "Andy Mayer's lecture was an excellent start to the day as his speech truly embodied economics as he challenged us on a topic that is usually one linked to solutions offered by government intervention. Overall his argument was enough to certainly convince me that a free market approach to climate change could be an effective one "

Kristian Niemitz gave an in-depth insight into a topic that I had little knowledge of prior to his lecture and left me with a real understanding of the alternatives to the NHS

matilda, sixth form student

We were also joined by students from The Skinner's School, Walthamstow Hall School and RGS Guildford, leading to interesting discussions and debates between students - particularly on the productivity of having a four-day working week.

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