Apple Picking at Lingfield Prep​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Apple Picking at Lingfield Prep​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Each year, staff and pupils work to produce the juice from a variety of apple trees, which is then pressed and bottled at Ringden farm in Ticehurst, with funds going towards the school Eco-Council. This year, due to social distancing, the team comprised of staff only.

Alison de Villiers, Head of Science at the Prep said “It’s been a big job this year, we seem to have a bumper crop due to the hotter weather in summer. We look forward to selling this to our parents and children soon, and with the new addition of plum jam from our very own tree!"

She added “Our Eco club is important in developing environmental awareness across our school community and teaches our pupils to care for and develop our local environment."

A special thanks to Alison de Villiers, Claire Tomlinson, Julia Barnes, Mandie Sturgess, Amy Lovell, Dawn Burgess, Mary Brickwood, Linda and Ray Hinkins and Vicki Herriot for all their hard work. We couldn’t have ‘picked’ a better team.

Keep an eye out for more great work from our Eco-Council on our social media pages. Including wildlife trail cameras, bio-diversity projects and habitat building.