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Term dates 2020 - 2022



Autumn Term 2020:
Whole School (Prep and Senior)
Start:  Wednesday 02 September
Founders’ Day:  Friday 16 October finish at 15:50
Half Term:  Monday 19 October – Friday 30 October (inclusive)
End:   Wednesday 16 December at 12:00

The Nursery will be closed from Mon 21 Dec to Fri 1 Jan inclusive

Spring Term 2021:
Start:  Monday 04 January
Half Day   Friday 12 February finish at 12.00
Half Term:    Monday 15 February – Friday 19 February (inclusive)
Friday 26 March at 12:00
Summer Term 2021:
Start:    Monday 19 April
Bank Holiday:  Monday 03 May
Half Term:     Monday 31 May – Friday 04 June (inclusive)
End:  Friday 02 July at 12:00
Staff Inset Days 2021:
12th February 2021 (afternoon only)
26th March 2021 (afternoon only)


Autumn Term 2021:
Whole School (Prep and Senior)
Start:  Thursday 02 September
Founders’ Day:  Friday 15 October finish at normal time
Half Term:  Monday 18 October – Friday 29 October (inclusive)
End:   Thursday 16 December at 12:00
Spring Term 2022:
Start:  Wednesday 05 January
Half Day   Friday 11 February finish at 12.00
Half Term:    Monday 14 February – Friday 18 February (inclusive)
End:    Friday 01 April at 12:00
Summer Term 2022:
Start:    Monday 25 April
Bank Holiday:  Monday 02 May
Half Term:     Monday 30 May – Friday 03 June (inclusive)
End:  Wednesday 06 July at 12:00

Please arrange holidays within these dates to ensure your child does not miss any school.

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