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(With effect from Autumn Term 2021)


The Registration Fee is non-refundable and payable on submission of application:

  • £110 Students residing in the UK
  • £135 Overseas students, sitting the Senior School Entrance Examinations overseas
  • £250  International Sixth Form Students


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Prep School (per term)

Reception & Year 1


Years 2 -  6                           



Senior School (per term)

Years 7 - 11


Year 12 & 13


Overseas (inc. EAL, Tier 4)


The offer of a place at Lingfield College needs to be secured by the return of a signed Form of Acceptance together with the payment of a deposit (£500 Reception to Year 6, £700 for Senior School) which is retained until the child has left the School.  The retaining deposit is not refundable if the place is subsequently not taken up.

When three or more children from the same family attend the school at the same time, the third born child’s fees attract a 10% discount off tuition fees only.

Payment Terms: Fee accounts are payable on or before the first day of each term unless arrangements have been made in writing to use the School’s approved monthly payment scheme. School fees may be paid monthly using the School Fee Plan or termly by Direct Debit. A Direct Debit mandate is enclosed for you to complete and return.

Notice: A full term’s notice is required if a pupil is to be withdrawn from the school or a full term’s fees in lieu of that notice becomes payable. Similar arrangements are in place relating to individual music tuition, Learning support and Transport. Notice must be given before the end of the term preceding the term to which the notice relates.

Music: Music lessons can be arranged through the Director of Music in the Senior School or the Head of the Prep School Music, as appropriate. These will be with visiting peripatetic teachers. Some instruments are available to hire. The peripatetic teachers invoice parents directly.

Stationery: In the Senior School certain personal books which pupils retain for their continuing studies are charged to parents. In particular, pupils buy (i) their mathematics textbooks so that they are able to retain every level for reference as they progress through the school and (ii) some specialist text books for public examination courses.

Pupil Support: The School monitors the progress of children carefully. Should your child be referred for extra SEND support (Special Educational Needs), parents may be contacted so that targets can be agreed. Some specialist support is available during the day at an extra cost (similar to music lessons). Further details are available from the SENDCo department.

Examinations: All public examination fees are recharged to parents including a 15% administration fee to cover postage (particularly coursework) and other costs.

Photocopying: There will be a small charge made for photocopying requests made by students in the Senior School and this will be added to the parents’ bills.

Insurance: The School carries a comprehensive portfolio of general insurances. However, through the School Fees Protection Scheme, parents can insure for the recovery of fees during the absence of a pupil due to sickness. There is also an insurance to provide for the continuing payment of fees due to the death of the principal breadwinner in the family. Details of both these supplementary insurances can be obtained from the Finance Manager. Parents should note that the School does not carry insurance for pupils’ possessions, including clothing, whilst they are at School. Please ensure that your own insurance for items away from home is in place if you consider it appropriate, for example, to cover musical instruments, mobile phones, laptops etc.

Lunches: School lunches are included the fee.


The School reserves the right to alter or amend any sums quoted above in order to cover any unforeseen costs which may arise. Routine tuition fee increases are determined by the School’s management and normally apply from September in each year.

There are a number of financial schemes in the market place to assist parents in saving towards school fees. The School does not recommend any particular products in this area and would suggest that parents discuss the options with their financial advisors, insurance brokers or similar specialists.

Whilst attending Lingfield College, the Headmaster expects pupils and parents to be fully committed and supportive of the School, both in and out of school hours. Please be aware that, in the interests of every pupil, family holidays must be confined to the School’s holiday periods.

A full set of our terms and conditions are enclosed with parent contracts. These are sent prior to the pupil commencing at the School.