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Admissions Process

Entry to our Foundation Stage classes is subject to availability of spaces. If we are over-subscribed in any year group we will establish a waiting list.

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Nursery pupils may enter the Foundation Stage at the beginning of the term after they reach the age of 2½ (September, January or April). During the two terms before the child is due to start, we invite the parent and child to attend two short hour long sessions. During these sessions they will be able to meet and chat with staff, familiarise themselves with the setting, and have the child the opportunity to play with children who will be in their class when they start. During the term before they start parents will have an appointment with the Deputy Head where they will complete a booklet together entitled, "All About Your Child". This will enable the parents to ask questions and discuss anything that maybe useful for the staff to know, so as to ensure the child makes a smooth transition into the Nursery. While the parents are with the Deputy Head their child will have a session in the Nursery where he/she will be encouraged to take part in the activities that are planned for that day. Following this, a decision will be made whether to offer a confirmed place.


Children joining the Reception classes at 4+ usually start at the beginning of the September term. All children in Reception are expected to do a full week; there is no staggered entry. If there are any spaces available then children may start at the beginning of the Spring and Summer terms. Children hoping to join our Reception in September will be invited to spend time in our Nursery, with their age group, in the first half of the Autumn term prior to commencing where an informal assessment will take place. Following this a decision will be made whether to offer a place. A member of the Reception staff will also visit the child and their key worker at their Nursery setting in the Summer term prior to starting. All children starting in September will be invited to an induction session at the end of the summer term prior to commencing. Those children who join later in the year will also have an induction the term before they start.


Entry to Years 1-6 in our Prep School is dependent on space availability. Candidates are invited to spend a trial day in the Prep School in the year group appropriate to their chronological age. During this time at school, an assessment will be made of the child's personal and social development and behaviour as well as their progress to date in English and Mathematics. We also ask for a reference and reports from the previous school.

Parents are requested to inform the school in writing of any particular circumstances which might affect a candidate's application e.g. IEP, Educational Psychologist's report, speech and language difficulties, unusual family situation etc. We do not provide specimen papers.

Following the trial day, parents will be informed whether or not their child will be offered a place in the Prep School. Upon receipt of an offer letter, parents are asked to confirm their acceptance by returning the completed forms and enclosing a deposit, which is retained until their child leaves the school.

We have a waiting list for the Foundation Stage and Prep School entry when year groups are oversubscribed.


Transfer from Lingfield Prep School at 11+

Unless otherwise indicated, transfer of Prep School pupils to the Senior School is anticipated. Where it is deemed that your child may be academically unsuited to the Senior School, discussions will be held with parents by the end of Year 4 with the Deputy Head or Headmaster and they will be advised in writing before the end of Year 5. There is no entrance examination for Year 6 children but they can elect to sit a scholarship examination alongside external candidates where Academic, Sport and Music Scholarships and Awards may be given.

External Candidates entering Senior School

Entry into Lingfield Senior School is determined by our own Entrance Examinations which take place in the January preceding year of entry. The Examinations consist of a standard Verbal Reasoning paper, an English comprehension/creative writing paper and a Maths paper (both of which are set by the School). The School does not issue practice papers.

We encourage all candidates to visit the School and have an informal interview with the Headmaster. Lingfield will also take a reference from each candidate's current school.

Offers of places are awarded based on the results of the Entrance Examinations, together with an evaluation of a student's reference from their current school. Parents are informed, in writing only, in the middle of February the year of entry. Parents will have two weeks to accept a place and secure it by returning a signed contract and the required deposit against the first term's fees. Lingfield regrets that it is unable to inform parents of results by telephone. Spaces permitting, offers will then be made to candidates on the waiting list after this time.


The Entrance Examinations take place in the January of the year of entry (the next date for examinations is Saturday 20 January 2018). All applications to sit the Entrance Examinations MUST be received by Friday 10 November 2017.

No late applications will be accepted unless in the most exceptional circumstances (see further below).
In exceptional circumstances, a letter should be written to the Head of Admissions, detailing the reason for the delay in application and the circumstances. This should be sent with an up-to-date school report for consideration. A decision on whether to proceed with the application will be made within 10 working days.

In the event of adverse weather conditions (e.g. settling snow), the school website will be regularly updated. Please use the website as your first source of information before contacting the Admissions Office. In the unfortunate event that the Entrance Examinations need to be postponed, they will take place on a reserve date (usually the following Saturday).

Academic, Art, Music and Sport Scholarships are available to all applicants at 11+ and 13+. Drama Scholarships are also available at 13+. Full details of our Scholarships can be found in our 'Scholarships Booklet' which can be requested from the Admissions Office.


For full details for applications for entry into Sixth Form, please contact the Admissions Office.


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