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Lecture Series

Sixth Form Specials - January to March 2019

Thursday 21st March - Lawrence Hewitt and Yazmin Sandhu

Lawrence and Yasmin join us from the Bank of America to discuss Cyber Security; their threats, strategies and preparation techniques. Cyber-attacks are growing in sophistication and malicious intent. Recent examples have shown that no one is immune. As a large multi-national bank, Bank of America is a prime target for attacks across the cyber threat spectrum. They have a duty to protect their people, clients and the global financial infrastructure against such attacks; it is a duty they take very seriously. Yasmin is on a four-year apprenticeship so will also talk about her experiences and how she got where she is.

Thursday 14th March – Melanie Ashley

Melanie Ashley is coming in to talk about BP and their Supply and Trading School Leaver Programme. Alfie Haycock-West, who is a member of  our alumni, will also be joining Melanie to talk about his experiences as an apprentice at BP.

Thursday 14th February – Jordan Kemp

Alumni Jordan Kemp will be coming in to give a talk on Degree Apprenticeships, going through the working life of an apprentice whilst giving some useful tips for anyone looking to apply. A Degree Apprenticeship will allow you to earn a salary in a full time job, study for a degree with no tuition fees and become a chartered manager. If you would like to learn more about how these new and exciting programmes work, from someone currently studying within one, than come along to the talk.

Wednesday 30th January – Nicki Perry – Medi-Redi

Dr Nicki Perry will be speaking to prospective medical students giving them information on the application process, personal statement writing, components of the BMAT and UKCAT, work experience, interviews and much more. She will also cover information for students applying for Science courses at university, so do come along if that includes you!

Friday 19th January – Elizabeth Matthews

Liz Matthews left Lingfield College in 2015 to do a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Loughborough University.  She is coming in to talk about her experience at University and her current placement at Rolls Royce and all the things students need to know but are not aware of, including:

  • The kind of people the universities want vs the kind of people the employers want
  • Career opportunities within engineering and what you need on your CV to be successful
  • Rolls-Royce, what they do (they don't make cars!)
  • The importance of getting a placement (internship) and how to get one
  • Apprenticeships (RR have an excellent scheme which I wish I had known about when applying to universities).

Talks from 2016 - 2018