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The aim of A Level French, German and Spanish is to help students to develop a real passion for modern languages, to increase their knowledge of the nature and diversity of different cultures and to provide them with the knowledge, skills and understanding for practical use, further study and employment. The course will build upon the knowledge and language skills you have acquired at GCSE and will give you the tools and confidence to use language in a variety of situations.

Speaking a foreign language is, and has always been, an invaluable skill to have. Studying a language at A Level will not only greatly increase your linguistic skills and cultural awareness but will also offer you excellent employability prospects. According to Oxford University, “modern linguists are among the most sought-after graduates in Britain” and the skills gained by studying languages are much prized by employers. Speaking a foreign language can open up an array of opportunities in the world of international politics, multinational organisations, journalism, media…etc.  In today’s globalised world, languages play a vital role.

Personally I have always loved learning languages because I wanted to understand song-lyrics, be able to make contact on holidays abroad, dissect linguistic structures and understand the formation of my own language better; consequently I chose a profession in languages over my love for animals and music. Teaching conversational skills is what I enjoy most, but comprehending new structures and concepts is simply essential to progress and communicate. To me literature is the best medium to teach linguistics, as it gives pupils the opportunity to explore all aspects of a new language. Having studied German and English with a qualification to teach students in higher secondary and university education, I believe that I am always challenging my pupils to work at their highest potential.      Mrs Edwards, Language Teacher

An A Level in Modern Foreign Languages can help you gain access to your university of choice; languages are a pre-requisite for many university courses and languages are one of the “preferred subjects” by the Russell Group of universities. Whether you choose to do a degree course in French, German or Spanish, or to study languages alongside a university course in another subject, studying languages at A Level and beyond will provide you with many transferrable skills which will greatly complement and enhance your other studies.

Aims of the Course

The focus of the A Level language course is perfecting communication at a higher level in French, German or Spanish and to develop the four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the society and culture of the language they are studying, further developing their passion and love for the language.

Reading - You will be able to read, understand and extract information from written passages in French, German or Spanish that are taken from authentic sources, such as magazines and newspapers, reports or books.

Listening - You will be able to listen to and understand contemporary spoken language and answer questions on what you have heard. The passages that you will learn to listen to will be taken from a range of sources, such as news reports on the radio or TV, advertisements, announcements, interviews and discussions.

Speaking and Writing - You will learn how to write essays or longer pieces and to hold conversations and discussions in French, German or Spanish. You will learn all the appropriate grammar, words and phrases that will help you to:

  • present information in the target language
  • provide opinions
  • organise your arguments
  • analyse your ideas