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Geography spans the Arts/Science barrier and consequently it combines well with many subjects and provides access to a wide range of career and higher education opportunities.

Taken with Sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry, it would be possible to apply for a wide variety of science-based university courses e.g. Psychology, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Geology, Medicine, Meteorology, Statistics.

 Geography is a diverse and dynamic subject. As a teacher it keeps you on your toes because what we study changes as the world itself changes. As a student it is exciting because it is a very visual and emotive subject. It is very real, very relevant and in real time. Plus, we have volcanoes.     Mrs Greetham   Head of Geography
Taken with Humanities subjects such as English, History, Business Studies, and French, Geography supports an equally wide variety of university courses e.g. Management Studies, Law, Travel and Tourism, Media Studies, Politics, Town Planning, Journalism and Social Sciences.
Aims of the Course

At AS and A2 level, Geography is an exciting and interesting course with direct relevance to everyday events. When an earthquake happens or another natural disaster occurs, students will learn about its causes, its effects and how new research is helping us to lessen its impact. During the course the aim is to develop students’ ability to collect, interpret and analyse information. Students will also learn to communicate their findings in a variety of ways through class discussion, essays and a fieldwork investigation. By developing the links between different parts of the subject, students will learn to appreciate the importance of understanding our physical environment and the need to manage it carefully.