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English Language

Students of AS or A Level English Language have a wide range of skills open to them as many of the skills learned are transferable. These include writing for a variety of audiences and purposes, responding to written and spoken texts and expressing informed and independent opinions.

English Language (or Linguistics) can be studied in Higher Education as a single subject or in combination with many other subjects such as History, Media, Law, Politics and Foreign Languages.

Our understanding of the English language is how we make sense of the world around us – and how we choose to use it to express ourselves dictates how others view us in every aspect of our lives. It is a joy to support pupils in their discovery of the vast nuances of the language and to explore the beauty of literature together   Mrs Hubbard,  English Teacher, Second in Department

Aims of the Course

This course is suitable for those who have an interest in how and why the English language has developed in the way that it has. It is studied as a living entity from earliest times right up to the changes which are taking place because of the technology of today. It reflects English both spoken and written in the real world and students are taught to be discriminating in their reading and aware of the manipulation apparent in many kinds of speech.