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Art & Design

The study of Art can be very rewarding. The further one delves into the subject, the larger it becomes. This is part of its attraction!

The course is suitable for:

  • students with an interest and aptitude for the subject but who do not intend to take the subject beyond A/AS Level
  • students looking to careers where an Art background is relevant e.g. advertising, publishing, architecture, marketing, media, museums, theatre or art gallery work
  • students who wish to undertake further studies in Art, Craft and Design usually at Art College or in Higher Education

An A*/A or B grade in GCSE Art is an ideal starting point.

Aims of the Course
  • to develop an ability to appreciate the visual world and respond in a personal and creative way
  • to develop a knowledge of materials and practices, skills to interpret and convey ideas and feelings, imaginative and creative powers and an understanding of the place of art, craft and design, past and present, in addition to your experimental, analytical and documenting skill
A Level

At A Level our students are given even greater responsibility for their ideas. Through thorough research, development and experimentation students develop original and exciting final pieces. Regular workshops allow students to work on a variety of scales and experiment with materials and processes. The A Level is made up of four units. At AS students complete Unit one (Coursework) and Unit Two (Controlled Test) At A2 students complete Unit Three (Coursework) This is a personal investigation on a theme or idea of interest. Students also complete a 3000 word essay that explores key concepts in their practical work. Unit Four is the final Controlled Test. Students are encouraged to visit galleries and exhibitions during their A Level course.

Every year we celebrate the achievements of our students with a number of girls and boys going off to Art Foundation courses and competitive Fine Art University degree courses. The A Level Art and Photography Summer exhibition is a highlight and show cases the exciting work created during the two years.